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Nicatrol Inhaler Lost

I have been using the Nicatrol Inhaler to quit smoking. I lost the inhaler. I was wondering if there is a way to get another one with out having to put out 150.00 for whole new kit? ## as candee says, i had been using the inhaler; i was doing great w/quitting, then, i lost the damn thing. now i have cartridges. i can't afford to buy the entire kit, (it's $172.+ here, in maine, candee!! ! i'm back to smoking two packs a day, w/no hope! i've tried everything...surely, there is a way to purchase the inhaler separately!!! if not, then why the hell do you even bother to sell the kits. i don't think candee and i aren't the only people w/this dilemma??? tks...i'd appreciate a solution. i'm getting desperate!! ## I simply wrote the the drug company and told them ...

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please explain

Please describe how to inhale the Nicotrol inhaler. For how long on each cartridge, and do I puff like a cigarette or otherwise. Also what dont I do! ## I have been using them quite effectively to help me stop smoking. You can just inhale them like you would a cigarette, or, if you are feeling like you really need a cigarette bad, then just do a hard, deep inhale. That should do the trick

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