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Small oval pill with F on one side

Small white oblong pill, thickish, with F stamped on one side and blank on the other. What is it???? ## i would also like to know ## Nicorette mini lozenge-stop smoking aid ## Found a similar white pill. Oval not very large but quite thick. It has an F on one side and is blank on the other. I found it in my sugar dish so I am very interested in knowing what it is. No one has a prescription for such a pill in our home. Thanks, Keshi ## My research is in line with Post #2 and also points to a Nicorette smoking cessation aid. Posted below are some additional pill details for reference: Shape: Oval Color: White Imprint: F NDC: 00135-0509 Labeler: GlaxoSmithKline Active Ingredient: Nicotine polacrilex (4mg) Availability: Over-the-counter (OTC) Dosage form: Oral lozenge I hope this info helps...

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large round white pill with NL 2S on top

pill is large about on 1/2 wide with the letters NL and 2S underneath it ## big large pill white imprint ''NL 2S'' ## This is a 2mg Nicorette lozenge, it contains Nicotine, and is used to help with smoking cessation. It is manfuctured by GlaxoSmithKline. NDC code: 00135-0510 The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness, and heart palpitations. Is there anything else I can help with?

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White Oblong Pill M On One Side And Blank Other

i found this pill and its more oval than oblong but there is only a m on it and thats it. I have researched it but found nothing. ## Can you provide more of a description of the M? I'm assuming it's a logo, but I'm trying to get a better idea of where to look. If there are no other letters or numbers, then my best guess is that it's likely an over the counter product. Learn more OTC drug details here. Any additional information you can provide would be helpful, including the general location where it was found. ## White oval oblong pill....Blank on one side...and a Big capital "M" ## I finally figured out that the white oval M pill was a nicorette mint/lozenge. ## A white oval pill imprinted with an M & other half design other side blank

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white oval pill with an f on one side and blank the other

White oval pill with an F on one side and blank on the other ## Hello, Nick! How are you? I'm sorry, but I haven't been able to find anything that matches this description, yet. However, I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. That obscurity of the imprint leads me to suspect that it is an over the counter medication. Does anyone recognize this tablet? ## I think it is OTC Nicorette Mini-Lozenges, 4mg. ## Yes that is exactly what it sounds like as my friend gave me one the other day & its the same

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white oblong pill with only an m imprint

I found this pill in my daughters room and i would like to know what it is ## Hello, Victoria! How are you? I haven't been able to find a listing for anything that matches this description, so far and the rather obscure imprint leads me to suspect that it's something that's available over the counter. I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## I just found 5 tablets, same description, in a kitchen drawer. They smelled minty so I knew not likely a prescription med. Broke off tiny piece and put on my tongue. Nicorette.

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white tablet 5/8 round NL4 imprinted on one side

I need to identify a tablet that is about 5/8 round, white with NL4 imprinted on one side ## Are there any other markings on the pill? I am having a difficult time locating any pills with this description. Please post back with more information so I can assist you in finding the right pill. ## Dear Crystal, Did you find what the white tablet marked NL4 was? I have googled it and the only connection I found was for treatment of HIV. Am anxious to know if that is definitely what the tablet is for. The tablet was found in Australia. ## NL4 is confirmed, by the Australian Poisons Information Service, as a quit smoking lozenge named NICABATE (4 mg.). Thank you to anyone who was trying to assist me. ## Had same question About what it was because a friend gave me 1 To take She said it was in m...

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Nl 4 White

I know the large one is nicorette, but this is a small one and is not nicorette. May possibly be norflex, but it was in a small travel case and I can't remember what it was ## No, there is no listing for Norflex or the generic Orphenadrine with this marking. Learn more Norflex details here. How small is it?

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Round White Pill Imprinted Nl4

can this pill be used a muscle relaxant? ## No, a larger sized white tablet with the marking of NL4 on it is a Nicorette 4mg lozenge that's used to aid with smoking cessation. Learn more Nicotine details here. Nicotine is actually a stimulant that doesn't relax most people.

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Large round white pill with NL 2S imprint

A large round white pill with NL 2S imprint. tastes minty. but not sure what it is. I need to know as the pill has turned up completely out of the blue in our house, and need to identify it before i start accusing anyone. Any help appreciated. ## The large white pills with NL 2S are nicorette lozenges. A stop smoking aid. ## Karynn's answer is correct, this contains 2mgs of Nicotine, used as a stop smoking aid, it is a lozenge and that's why it has the minty flavor. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache, irritability and increased blood pressure. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions?

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Difference between Nicorette Inhaler and Nicotrol Inhaler

What is the difference between the OTC Nicorette Inhaler and the perscription Nicotrol Inhaler.? The OTC Nicorette is only $42 while the Nicotrol is $200. ## Well, to be honest with you, I looked them both up and there doesn't seem to be any difference, other than the fact that one is available over the counter and therefore much cheaper. They both come in 4mg and 10mg cartridges, of which they are to be used the same way and the same amounts are absorbed. To be honest with you, if I hadn't already quit a few weeks ago and had to spend my money on an option, I'd go for the over the counter one, since it is cheaper. Did your doctor suggest you use the prescription one?

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