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Shortening the 10-week Nicoderm plan?

Hey there, I have tried the patch before and am currently trying again. I was classified as a heavy smoker (more like two heavy smokers), and wanted to do things right this time....but I'm impatient! I was wondering if anyone knows how Step 1 one truly compares to smoking 10-20 cigarettes a day. I ask because I'm considering cutting Step one in half (3 weeks), moving on to Step 2 (I have 13 days-worth from leftovers), and finishing with 17 days of Step 3 (again, including leftovers from my last attempt a few months ago). I don't want to waste the extras, and I figure the withdrawals will come whether it's been three or six weeks, I just need to be strong. I didn't truly want to quit last time. I thought I was strong enough and it would be easy. This time I know it...

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Nicoderm patch and arm pain

Im still on day one of step 1 nicoderm patch. I've been having a kind of pain in the arm that I have my patch on. It feels like I had a vaccine this morning. It is not unbearable but just annoying. Has anyone had that before? ## Hi Kat, I haven't been able to find any pertinent information stating that muscle pain is a side effect of the Nicoderm patch. However, after running a couple more Google searches about the issue I noticed a lot of complaints from people on the internet about arm pain due to the patch. I'm guessing it's an allergic reaction that some people may experiencing, but since I'm not a doctor, I don't know for sure. I can't tell you if it's serious or not, but I would recommend getting it checked out by a doctor if the pain persists or be...

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