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mikey Says:

my doctor just diagnose me with add something I have been dealing with hole life now 36 with two daughters and a wonderful wife I decided to get meds and go back to school to do a trade knowing that with out meds I would just give up and wouldn't be able to go back to school.So I went to see a nurologist for a second opinion and has my doctor thought I had a high score on the add test wich is really a questioneer!!! So my doctor started me on 5 ml for two weeks and then 10 for 4 weeks so I took my adderall in the morning before work it gave me the normal side effects headechs dry mouth less of a appetite but that's about it... But I didn't feel a change at all just the side effects so I went back to see my doctor and he put me up to 20ml a day that I just started today I don't really know if I feel different!! I guess I read a lot about this drug the pros and the cons and I guess I'm just scared that it will to damage to brain in the long term or just change my personality. My question is how do I know if it's working ??? What's a normal dose for a adult??? Now I'm on 20ml a day for 6 weeks!!! And those this type of medication really help ??? Please someone let me know thank you

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mikey! How are you?

This medication has been effective for many people treating such issues.

However, it is not known to cause brain damage, with long-term use of therapeutic amounts and personality changes are usually limited to the duration of time you're on it and tend to including irritability and nervousness, but not everyone experiences them.

Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, insomnia and weight loss.

If it's working for you, you should start to feel more focused and be able to pay more attention that you usually would.

Can anyone with experience taking this medication chime in?

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Jay Says:

Hello!!! So my doctor said I had add wich made sense to me considering how I always struggled in school all my life.So he dicided to give me my first dose of adderallxr 5ml for a couple of weeks did nothing for me , so I went back and gave me 10ml still nothing these are all once a day in the morning.So now I'm on 20ml once day and I feel nothing just the side effects the not sleeping, stomach pains . And my head hurts..So I'm really discourage I was really hoping to see a defrence.Im on the 20ml for other 6 weeks before I see my doc again,my question is 20ml once a day a small dose for a adult !! Should I just keep taking them and Maibe I'll just kick in eventualy?? Is possible that adderall is just not the right meds for me???this is my 7 day on 20ml and I just get the side effects, should just call my doctor and say that I feel nothing ??? I'm also not eating much at all!!! Please someone let me know I don't know what to do thanks

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Karen Says:

Hi, I just read your question. I started my script 4 days ago. 10mg. My doctor told me that I should be able to tell if 10 would be enough within 2 hours. After 2 hours nothing. I took another 10. I am feeling like it's doing a little something but was hoping for more. It does however keep me awake at night. My capsules are blue and white. My friend also takes Adderall and she was on the blue and white ones and they didn't do anything for her so she changed pharmacies and now gets orange and white ones. They are made in the USA. I want to try those. What colors are yours?

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herb Says:

If you have ADD Adderall is a life saver . It makes you feel normal which is amazing , what a damn shame it is to live life in a miserable state which is what it's like having ADD when your not on medication.

If Adderall doesn't work try Concerta or other related meds , one should work.

10 and 20 mg once a day is very low for an adult , i think 60 mg a day is considerably too low since Adderall wears off within 4 to 5 hours.

Adderall XR doesn't work nearly as well as regular Adderall , didn't do anything for me.

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herb Says:

If your not feeling anything somethings not right , your not drinking a lot of grapefruit juice or beverages with a lot of Vitamin C because that will kill it's effects.

10 to 20 mg a day is nothing , i didn't get a great response till i went to 40 mg twice a day .

When it's working you will feel all the ADD fog lift and suddenly you feel more normal than you ever have before.

It's truly a life changer to be able to think normally again.

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Dee Says:

It depends, I think if you asking if it helps than maybe it's not. There are different ones out there. & Adderall can be really hard to get every few years. If I were you I would get on something else before your like a lot of us with our meds on backorder. So we either have withdrawals or get on something new with less withdrawal symptoms and adjust to the new meds. Im over it, had my dr put me on something different. Hope this help, good luck.

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FireBlasterdz Says:

There are no physical withdrawal symptoms from abrupt discontinuation of amphetamines like Adderall, just mental and low energy feelings for a few days or a week at most. Benzos like Clonazapam or Xanax, now there's a withdrawal you never wanna experience, believe me if you don't already know!

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jayne Says:

Hello! Adhd is a difficult condition to live with for sure! My dr (once diagnosed) first asked me in total bewilderment how i ever made it thru high school (my questionnaire rate was 16/18 questions answered yes!) to which i confessed it was a huge struggle. She started me on 10mg 3 times a day of regular adderral for 2 wks and then bumped it to 20mg 3 times a day and finally to 30mg 3 times per day where i am still at and have been for over a year. I have found this regimen to e a great fit and side effects minimal- being decreased appetite and the slightest increase of agitation which is negated by my script for xanax that i take anyway for my high anxiety. I have heard that ritalin has just as good of results as regular adderral but it is longer lasting...idk...i havent had a need to venture to ask for a switch... Good luck! :)

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john Says:

It can ruin your life. I have taken Adderall or a similar type medication for ten years. I have taken Conerta, Vyvanse, Ritalin, and for the last 6 years or so the Brand Name and generic version of Adderall and Adderall XR. My most recent Rx was 30mg XR once per day and a 10 MG Adderall in the afternoon.

When you first start out it'll be amazing. You will think your on-top of the world. Since I'm not writing a book. I will keep it short. I'm a family man/business entrepreneur with many different projects going on. My days are long and generally many different tasks.

I personally believe adderall will benefit many people, but only in the short term. The longterm gain in my opinion is not worth it.

You will go through emotional disconnect, and your personallity will be more subtle and dull. Hence I was a class kind of clown but not the crazy kind. I never took this in College hence I dropped out my senior year as I had many of credits in math, physics, accounting, business finance, etc. A typical person that seems to get bored with subjects or when everyone else in the room is so uptight that no one thinks a joke is funny.

My life story is not the point here: married a doctor 19 years my senior, dropped out of college, real estate development, building houses, flipping houses, running a doctors office. All that fun stuff. Kids,

Here is the point: Take care of your body and the neurological system will give you the focus and energy you need to succeed. Understand nutrition and what your body needs. The key is balance. I juice every morning: carrots, beets, assorted fruits, drink teas (and some coffee (never had coffee before, seriously)). Healthy balance of eggs and fruits. Probiotic Supplements and lots of greek yogurt "the good kind". I haven't even started exercising yet and I feel amazing. Been little over a week now of off adderall and I feel like a different person. My kids are laughing as we are in the store saying dad stop acting funny and I'm like C'mon let's have fun. Unfortunately my girls have seen me as a too serious work oriented person that forgot about the purpose in life of love and family. Who gives two cents of $ if you can't enjoy.

If you can't find joy in sitting outside in fresh air, maybe staring at trees in wonder, then you sure going to have a more difficult time finding joy. Don't turn to legal drugs. Focus on what inputs your body needs to give you a balanced life.

Maybe some need to seek addiction centers coming off adderall. I went cold turkey on a Thursday night. Maybe i Could have tapered off, but heck i survived just fine, First day was actually pretty good cause I'm sure still had in the system (Friday). Saturday was a little depressing and sleepy, irritable. But don't plan on doing anything just kind of go with the flow. Sunday (day 3), was very similar to Saturday. Morning started actually pretty good and then afternoon definitely was sluggish and little moody. KEY POINT: Drink half your body weight in OZ in water. Adderall, to me, was an extreme diuretic (almost thinking my body was rejecting water and I couldn't keep it in me, causing sever headaches and sluggishness) Also, I took vitamin b complex in the morning and doing the juicing. Other huge factor for success was I took 3mg to 6mg of Melatonin at night and made sure I got a great 8 to 10 hrs of sleep each night. Sleep is so important. Make sure that you sleep in the dark too. Don't have lights on or cell phones, etc, get it as pitch black as possible. Remember some say its how you slept the second night before to how you feel the current day (not sure if true, but is to me lol).

I didn't proof read or anything, but that is some of my story and wanted to share. I am drug free and feel amazing. My life is truly more productive now, I feel like I can share love to my kids and family and I truly get more done in my business life. Sleep, Nutrition, Water, water and more water. LOL Hope this might help someone.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

Hello Mikey (from Dec 2015 post),

"Brand Name Adderall Instant Release" was a game changer for me, in the middle 1990's, until national supply issues and vast price increases and insurance formulary restrictions started a series of issues for me beginning in late 2011.

I read your sincere comments and the dose, is quite low, as perhaps your PCP or MD, was titrating in most carefully for you, a med, I have found that Brand Adderall Instant Release I could easily take from 40 to 60 mg per day, in my age range early
40's to mid 50's. I take a much lesser dose in the here and now, but, have switched to Dextroamphetamine Sulfate Instant Release made by St. Louis Mo ethical pharma firm Mallinckrodt, for a compromise, in a measurable quality vs. a price I can afford, "just for me" (perhaps not everyone's cup of tea)..........I am prepared for any change, as, I have "been through the ringer" with "very poor performing C-II stimulants" when the "ruckus" started around late 2011, and it continues, IMHO to
this very day. Ruckus I define as the pharmaceutical industry in the very wide differences of generic C-II amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, choices, and, wide price range differences year to year especially since year 2014!

Bio-equivalence vs Bio-availability IMHO there is a huge difference in who manufacture the generic in the USA! (fillers and binders) and I have found often the FDA Orange Book at best to only be a loose "guide" in the AB vs AB1, AB2, AB3 in the classifications of generic drugs of eighteen (18) classes of generics from the rare top rated "AA" to the "EE" which may surprise the consumer how amusing the classification system can get, (from REDBOOK Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference) published for over 114 years by PDR Inc Montvale NJ USA and Thompson Reuters as distributor, now, only available "on the internet" by a high priced prescription annual fee, to those who can afford this service.

The PDR has lost its prestige, and, has lost 1/2 of their manufacturer's listings in the past 6 years and, my understanding is 2017 is the very last year it will be\published, in textbook form, as, it once was a most valuable source, not any more for me!!! Professionals in medicine use other sources, not the subject of this target specific post. IMHO the big cap warning as displayed on C-II stimulants, would scare off most anyone, with upfront boxed in big cap warnings of this.. "Amphetamines have a high potential for abuse Administration of Amphetamines for prolonged periods of time may lead to drug dependence and must be avoided"

Not so, IMHO for those with Narcolepsy to ADD or ADHD for example, as many national conventions of CHADD and ADDA held annually since at least the year for me "1995", I have seen/ heard the reviews and the research MD's and individual speeches of licensed professionals who have assisted thousand's of patients with legitimate ADHD or ADD or Narcolepsy to Refractory Depression, find this, DEA warning, almost laughable, rather "overkill" to scare off say a regular family MD from prescribing this med, as, I have long left my confidence up to USA medical board DEA licensed Psychiatry to write the RX for me.

In a perfect world, I would always take the old school brand meds, but, in the real world, for me I can no longer afford the expense and the time, of, searching for the med, I prefer, due to lack of availability, or, the lack of affordability.

Also if one takes other ethical pharmaceuticals from legitimate regular PCP's to specialty M.D's such as MD's of Urology, Dermatology, to Psychiatrists, for co-morbid diagnosis problems, there is always the potential side effects of say taking corti-steroids, to narcotic pain relievers, to, anti-histamines, to, anti-depressants to hypnotics, all, taken, with all MD's consent, but it can also affect how our ADD/ADHD mood is affected including, such things as a too much orange juice on a empty stomach with the right ADD med yes.....will certainly cut down the effects of oral stimulants of amphetamine class, thus, I drink very low amounts of grapefruit juice or orange juice with the dosing of my stimulants!!

I have observed a former family member taking 7 different meds, a Managed Care RN, (my ex-wife) suffer from major mood swings, from the effects of massive doses of "non-DEA controlled substances" IMHO that were way way overly prescribed that disabled this person, added to a high stress career, etc, contributing to a Divorce!

IMHO there are a series of complex issues, that are having effects on the needs for those of us with legitimate needs for ethical pharmaceuticals for a "reasonable price" especially Brand or Generic Instant Release Adderall and Brand or Instant
Release Dexedrine I/R, Dexedrine Spansules ER, DextroStat I/R, as, most are grossly overpriced, or have been discontinued in some cases (brand), or, there is a difference, in, the various generic manufacturer's of the "Bio-availability" (how our body metabolizes the fillers and binders that vary mfg to mfg on the generic C-II USA instant release and the more difficult to manufacture extended release ADD ADHD and Narcolepsy, and Treatment Resistant Depression/Refractory Depression

Most of us need to look at our USA insurance formulary to see what our insurance will pay for, and, the co-pay, and if necessary bring this annual catalog with us to see our Medical Doctor, to aid us in choosing, a medication that best suits our needs!!! Beware, in some cases unfortunately we may have to pay cash out of pocket to get the quality meds we need!!! (from our pharmacy choices).

In my case, I have rarely found "Brand Name" Desoxyn, Brand Name Adderall Instant Release, Brand Name Dexedrine Sulfate, Dexedrine Spansules Brand Name Dextrostat, to let me down, if I am prescribed a liberal, (high) enough of a daily dose (historically). Unfortunately many factors, have changed in the past 7 to 8 years.

I am not a MD and can only offer what has worked for me in decades of use, and other factors, that, has in the long run, I have experienced many Up's and Down's, from either a MD decades ago not willing to prescribe, or more recently, now, a
relatively poor product selection, and sky high prices.

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Loveandlight Says:

Re: john (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Inspiring. Thank you for sharing. !!! Our minds are powerful. It is my goal to find alternatives. Thanks again.

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