New Sub Dermal 24 Hour Pain Relief Information

LOT OF PAIN 15 Says:

Does any body else know anything about this medicine? It is supposed to really help free up the real pain patients. It begins with EX and the FDA just approved it. could be an answer to our prayers.

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Verwon Says:

The only thing new that could be used for pain that I am finding listed by the FDA is a new formulation of Suboxone as an orally dissolvable film.

Do you remember any more details or where you read it?


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Rhondarob Says:

THe new drug is Exalgo! It was just approved 03/01/10. I got a script for it today. I am replacing 2 80mg and 1 40 mg Oxy with 16 mg of this stuff. THe doc said I may need to go up some but this is better then the Oxy. The pharmacy is ordering it for me to start on Saturday. I will try to let everyone know how it works.

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bbbbls49 Says:

Has anybody tried embeda, a new pain med. It goes up to 100mg

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beverley Says:

I just started Suboxone for withdrawal from Oxycontin and Percocet. New pain Dr. wants me to use Suboxone for pain treatment. I am 1 week into withdrawal/treatment feel exhausted cant keep eyes open took am and threw up had headache feel exhausted will any of this get better.

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Spinalfusion89 Says:

Trust me in another week u will feel great

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steven Says:

exalgo ????? if that is it, I take 1 36 mg a day combined with break through meds & it honestly works good especially coming off fentanyl straight to it and no issues or fentanyl withdrawals!!!!! I would say its good.......its 40.oo per pill w/o insurance so if u dont have ins, just get 4 8mg a day of the regular dilaudid(if u can take them responsibly

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lrpdlt66 Says:

Stop the suboxone! It is 10X harder to get off it than the oxy. You will need the oxy to get off suboxone. Then you need to slowly taper after all of the suboxone is out of your system, depending how much you have been taking=how long it will take. Also order Puridone to assist with your taper. Suboxone was terrible for me. If your were not addicted to opiates if you take suboxone you are now.

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