New Orleans Pain Dr.

Honey Says:

Hi. I'm looking for a pain management doctor in New Orleans/Westbank/etc area. I'm 27 and some places I called only accepts 35+. My Doc of 6yrs has cancer, so he transferred his patients. I recently found a Doc, but he doesn't prescribe soma, and reduced my pain meds. I rather just find a Doc in my area, than drive to BR each month for less meds. Thanks.

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Eddy Says:

Many Doctors do not like to prescribe Soma. You are also taking Pain Meds too? As you know pain medicine and Soma go together. Doctors know this too. Now that Soma a Schedule IV medication, you will find it harder to obtain. Still possible.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Honey! I'm very sorry about the problems you're having.

Unfortunately, even if I researched doctors for you in that area, I have no way of knowing what age or type of patients they will accept.

And most of them are going to be reluctant to keep prescribing Soma, just as Eddy has said, due to the fact that it is becoming much more commonly abused and most will also want to reduce your pain medications. There have been many new restrictions put in place regarding what doctors can prescribe and how much they can prescribe to try to prevent over prescribing and improper prescribing.

Did the doctor you were transferred to refuse to help you?

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Ms T Says:

I am in the same situation.... My Dr is sick and has retired. I suffer from chronic pain due to spondylitis. I am also looking for a new doctor...

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Honey Says:

Hi Ms. T,

Found one but my first appt is next week will post to let you know how it goes. Then I could probably pm you with info if you'd like...but from what I hear this Dr is very generous and understanding (as long as you have history on PM). Thanks everyone for your posts.

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Tim Says:

honey could u give me that info if it works out

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Big Chief Says:

Looking for dilaudid if anyone can help.

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EDDY Says:

I had a script of 60. Hate them, invented in Germany 100 years ago. This site will not hook you up with a connection big guy!

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Jeffrey Says:

Hi honey. I am a pain management patient. And I am looking for a new doctor right now. I have been in pain management for around five years. This message that you have posted here was back in 2013. I have 2 questions. 1.. How was your doctor was he generous and giving medicine? and 2.. Can you please give me his name and hopefully phone number and/or address? My email address is {edited for privacy}

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charm247 Says:

Could you please give me name of the pain management you went to.

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BL Says:

Just so you know Soma became s Schedule II med in Louisiana August 1, 2014. That means no refills, no calls in and you must see your dr at least every 90 days. You must have new written rx every time you get it filled.

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Bonnie Says:

I'M MOVING BACK TO THE WESTBANK IN LA. I'VE BEEN ON PERK 10mgs 2/ daily & zanxax & other meds. Leaving my doc in Ga who has been managing my pain & looking for a doc on the Westbank up towards a cross the river. moving sept. 4th to take care of my parents. Injuries as result from past car accident & Fibro. please send me a message {edited for privacy} if u can recommend a doc. Thanks, B.A.

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Susan Says:

Hi Honey any luck i too am in the same situtaion looking for dr. not afraid to soma

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rock Says:

Yes I'm also looking for a pain doctor n my area can u please help me find one

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noel Says:

hi honey how did the pain management work out?

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April Says:

I have medicaid and need help finding a doctor that will give me my medicine or some type of narcotics like I have been on that takes new patients and will help me with my back pain and I have an old and updated MRI

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BL Says:

Louisiana Medicaid will Not pay for a Pain Management Dr. It is highly doubtful that you will find any dr that accepts Louisiana Medicaid too prescribe you narcotics for back pain.

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Keisha Says:

I'm also looking for a pain management dr as well in the Chalmette/NEW Orleans area. Just moved out here and really need help finding drs that accepts medicaid

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BL Says:

Keisha, Louisiana Medicaid Does Not Pay For Pain Management Doctors.

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Gloria Says:

Let me no if he taken Mississippi patient and price

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Xuaem Says:

Honey, could you please let me know about a Dr. Anywhere close to New Orleans. BR, North shore, MS, Lafayette, etc. I have very recent MRI showing very serious issues. Willing to go pain or sub route. I certainly appreciate any and all help!

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