New Here-need To Find Xanax Doctor

CCdwright Says:

We just moved to the Fort Worth area and I'm looking for a doctor who would prescribe xanax. I have taken in the past and need to take again for my anxiety. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Verwon Says:

I am sorry, I am not familiar with the Fort Worth area.

Does anyone else have any suggestions to help?

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bar tard Says:

i know of a psychiatrist. now he is grand prairie. his name is dr. kram his number is 972-264-9111. he will prescribe any kind of psych meds xanax klonopin etc etc.just be sure not to tell him of any history of illegal drug abuse or that you are on methadone and you should be good to go. i hope this helps. if you have any other ? email me

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jeremiah douglas north Says:

i need a psycologist in the knoxville area that prescribes a moderate amount of zans any one know of one?

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jon Says:

Most PCP (family doctor) will prescribe this for you is you tell them your issues. If not they can usually refer you to a doctor of that field of work.

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Nicole Says:

Does anyone know a Dr in Fort Worth that will prescribe Hydracodon? I have been taking this for 1 1/2 years for chronic back problems from a car wreck & now my Dr told me he would not refill anymore. I wake up in so much pain & can't even do usual daily task. Any information would be great! Thanks!

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Anne Says:

Thank You. I have been on this medication for almost 4years . And Now my pain management doctor will not proscribe any more says I need to find a psych doc to prescribe. Its a miracle drug for me.

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Layla Says:

Hey I was curious if the Dr you were talking about is still around and accepts new patients

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Brit Says:

Is he still in business i need an appointment please im in waxahachie

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Brit Says:

Is he still in practice. I need an appt. Please
How long for an appt. Need assp

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Mike Says:

I have been on depression and anxiety drugs for years and years. Most PCPs do not prescribe anything good for anxiety, because they are "habit forming." A lot of psych drs will not either, or this thread would not exist.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Mike (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

That is why I would first choose to go to a primary doctor for the medicines I need

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Alecia Says:

Re: bar tard (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hey, what do you know about the Dr in Grand Prairie?

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