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sandeep Says:

Can I take Neurokind Gold to help get new hair growth on a bald head?

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Rehan Says:

Hi, my 70 years old and my grandmother is having arthirits for which she is taking orcerin GM and SAMMY 200 from last 4 years. Bcoz of this her digestive system is so disturbed that she can't eat more than 2 chapatis. Although her hunger is normal she can't eat a good amount of food. Although the Doctor has given her Colospa Retard capsules for 3 months. But 1.5 month is over and she sometimes gets loose motion also. The doctor told us that this is due to fast mobility of intestines for which he has given Colospa Retard. Also she gets frequent urination especially in the night. She is a diabetic from the last 6 months and has high BP as well. Can you guide me on something beneficial for her? Would Neurokind help in any way?

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Chandra Says:

What is the difference between Neurokind Gold and Neurokind Gold RF in chemical composition?

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