Nervex Bt Tablet

SIDA Says:

doctor prescribe Nervex bt capsules for me. I would like to know for what ailment this is given.

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mohamed Says:

please let me know this halal.

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Abdul Rahman Says:

The Nervex BT is on of the most common medicine consumed by millions of Muslims. It is marked by a Brown dot. Therefore i would be really thankfull if u can let me know what kind of animal fat used in it or whether is it "hallal" ? (Does it contains any pork fat or anything related to PORK).

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David Says:


I'm honestly surprised that your doctor gave you a prescription for a medication without telling you what it was used for. Something just doesn't make sense about that. Did you happen to go in and get any blood work done or perhaps a diagnoses indicating that you even needed this supplement?

Nervex is simply a prescription-based multivitamin tablet consisting of Folic Acid, Vitamin B1, B6, B12, and Vitamin E.

It's used for treating certain types of nutrient deficiencies that may be involved with anemia, pregnancy, infancy, or as otherwise stated by your doctor.

I hope this info helps!

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Keerthi Says:

Is " Nervex-BT " tablets good for knee pain

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Ikea Says:

Nervex BT is also given for joint pains including nerve pains . So yes it is

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MBG Says:

can i use nervex bt one cap a day for nocternal pain in pelvic area.

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Raj Says:

I have nerve pain and doctor recommend me take daily nervex 75 when i am taking this i am feeling more sleep why? Is this working as a sleeping pills tooo.
I am sleeping10 hrs after that also i am feeling sleep why?

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MBG Says:

Re- my query of 26 Aug, although there was no respone. I took nervex bt for 10 days.
It had no effect

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Kawsi Says:

Why use nervex bt for pregnancy?

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