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Tee Says:

I suffer with TMJ disorder. I am taking acetyl l-carnitine, probiotics, and nerve shield. None of this seems to be helping me. I don't know what else to do. Please help me!!!

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Jenna Says:

Hi Tee,

I'm so sorry to hear that these supplements haven't been working for you. Did a doctor recommend that you take these supplements? Based on my research, the best supplements for TMJ are ones that will reduce inflammation of the jaw as well as relax the muscles. All of the supplements you've mentioned seem great, but I don't quite understand how they can be effective for TMJ.

Have you tried any other treatments like acupuncture or essential oils? The essential oils lavender and chamomile may help you to relax and release the tension in your jaw. Also, copaiba oil has immense anti- inflammatory properties which could possibly help ease the inflammation in your jaw. I've also read about botox being a successful treatment for TMJ, however I know it isn't possible for everyone due to the price.

I hope my response is helpful!

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Lvsfishn Says:

Hello Tee, I have always been a skeptic of some medical therapies in general. I have been using a prescription topical for my headaches(cervicogenic) as well as bursitis in my hip. After 48 hours of applying this cream to my hip area I have had decreased pain and have actually been able to sleep. I apply cream to my neck twice a day for first week and then maybe every other day. I have not had a headache since applying. This prescription cream is Dermatran. They combine several potent NSAIDS as wel as anesthetic agents and also muscle relaxers. This has really worked well for me. They actually have a cream formula for TMJ. Hope you find some relief.

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