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Argerol Information

used for pink eye ## Does anyone know where Argerol can be purchased? My 85-year-old mother has a nasal infection that antibiotics aren't curing. Argerol has helped her in the past, but she ran out recently and her phramacist hasn't been able to order more. This is URGENT. Thanks. Steve ## Last year, I searched all over the country and made inquiry of people overseas.....apparently, Argerol can't be purchased anywhere, even with a prescription. Most of the pharmacists I spoke with, had never even heard of it. I did run across an older, more experienced pharmacist who remembered the drug and said it had been off the market for about 15 years. Sorry :-( ## Yes, Vicki is correct, Algerol was actually Silver Nitrate, which of course was found to be toxic when ingested. ## Funny ...

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Silver nitrate gel

What is the size of Silver nitrate gel market size in India? ## @NEWFIN, There are many different manufacturers and trade names of Silver nitrate gel that are available throughout the world; not necessarily being specific to one region, such as India. From what I can see, the size/amount of the product can range from to 1.5 oz - 4 oz tubes and perhaps even more, depending on the manufacturer. Was there a specific brand that you might've been referring to?

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Pharex b1b6b12 and Acenetrex Vitamins

Please I am in dare need of help to know or have the address of where to order Pharex b1b6b12 and Acenetrex Vitamins for my use. I have tried locating it in my state without result. Thanks for quick response. Gymbaby ## Gymbaby, I am not sure where you could purchase them and I hae no idea what state you are in. Have you tried looking online to see if you can order them? Is there a reason that you specifically need these ones or would a comparable with the same ingredients do? ## Verwon, I am very grateful for your help. My dear I am in Nigeria. I have no specific reason for requiring Pharex brand. It is just that somebody in this forum responded to my call. But if I can have a comparable brand with same ingredients that would be ok for me. Again if I can see the link to buy them online...

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