Need Information On Nucleo Cmp Forte

Cris Says:

I have a problem of my left arm which is losing its strength. sometimes I feel strong but not long in duration(just a few seconds). A doctor has prescribed Nucleo CMP Forte Capsulas. I need details on this medecine before I start to use it. If anyone can help, please, do it. Thanks

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Verwon Says:

Nucleo CMP Forte contains:

Cytidine 5'-Monophasphate Disodium and
Uridine Triphosphate Trisodium.

Since it is not used in the U.S., I don't have a lot of information on it, but it is listed as being used to treat neuropathic pain.


Does anyone else have any details to add?

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DPS74 Says:

Can anyone help meto find were to by NUCLEO CMP or NUCLEO CMP FORTE pills, by internet, in USA?

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Irisle Says:

I´ve found it in Hospital Biblica in Costa Rica, where it can be ordered by internet.
I rather would like to buy it in Spain. Does anybody know an adress?

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DPS74 Says:

Hi everyone! I recently bought the medicine that replaced Nucleo CMP, called ETNA, in Brasil. It's available as capsules and also injection form.

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Nora Says:

you can find it here in El Salvador, central america and no need of prescription, and it is from Spain

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Irisle Says:

Hello, I have news: nucleo forte can also purchased over the Europeans phama shop called You do need a prescription.

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Nora Says:

Ferrer Internacional, S.A.
Gran Via Carlos III, 94
08028 Barcelona, Espana

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Ivan Says:

Very good medicine....I buy it in Mexico or in Ecuador. If you want to buy it directly from the Spain lab Manufacturer, their address is listed in post #7 here. I hope this info well be good for you.

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Catita Says:

Took Nucleo CMP Forte in El Salvador to try and rebuild coating ( myelin) over nerve from spine down legs with left worse after spine surgery in US. Took first last night. Bathroom every 1/2 hr urine. This am cramp left back leg from so much urine. I recently had lots fluid retention so may be normal. Will call this neuro surgeon maybe normal. He saved my life here. Tremendous pain for 6 months with nerve pain. He prescribed Vit B complex injections and generic Lyrica. NO PAIN first night but spastic gait and small pain left ankle with too much walking. Understand maybe bladder problems. Does anyone know? I have been here almost one month with family. Thank u

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Kathy Says:

What is the full name of the drug ETNA? I tried Googling it, but got nothing.

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Kathy Says:

I got mine through Nootropics Mexico. This company ripped me off: ospharma

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Kathy Says:

Ferrer, the manufacturer wrote to me: We confim that this product can be bought at any pharmacy in Spain, as it is authorised by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices and commercialised in Spain. We suggest you get in touch with any Pharmacy in Spain to order this medicine.

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Mrapha Says:

You can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy in Panama.

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Connie Says:

You can find it in Tijuana BC México just cross the border From san Ysidro ca. Its like 15 Minutes south From San Diego

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Stephen Says:

I do have persistent headache radiating to my back

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steve Says:

Hi. I have neuropathy in both feet, a deadening of the nerves . The doctors in the U.S. didn't have any advice. You can't fix it they said. The doctor I see in Costa Rica said to take Nucleo cmp forte. It won't fix it, but it seems to help it and when I stop taking it to see if I am crazy, the numbness gets worse. I think it is a good drug/vitamin for the nerves.

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Daniel Says:

I live in Costa Rica and use Nucleo CMP (inj's.). I had muscle paralysis 2 years ago. A combination of Nucleo with B 12 complex every 30 days have done wonders in my muscular system and speech. The Pharmacies here will sell Nucleo with a prescription.

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Ana Says:

Re: Connie (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

What is the name of pharmacy in Tijuana?

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Leslie Says:

It seems they are out of it in Mexico for the moment.
I was trying to find it in the US but no success.

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Leslie Says:

Re: Leslie (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Do you now why? My mother need it very much but we can not find ir anywhere.

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