Need Help Understanding My Dosing Regimen

Lodi dodi Says:

I just started taking topamax and I never seen this "twice daily x7 1wk" before. What does this mean?

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Verwon Says:

Usually, this medication is prescribed to be taken in 2 divided doses a day, which means at separate times, and it is normally titrated up, so I believe the meant that you should take this dosage twice a day for 7 days, then move on to the next, or check in with your doctor to see how it is working for you, according to FDA directives.

But, overall, it would be best to double check with your doctor, or pharmacist.

Are you on any other medications?

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Ryan Says:

My prescription says "two to be taken four times a day".

Does this mean I take 8 a day? I am confused. Can someone please help? I don’t wanna overdose.

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