Need Help Finding A Pain Management Dr In Around Richmond Wi

TAF Says:

PLEASE anyone who can help,I'll be in debt to for ever, I'm only 43, had back surgery when I was14&was a genie pig, have been told by every Dr I've seen, that i'll be paralyzed if they attempt to remover, they have caused right leg(foot drop) & left arm hand, no longer works, I'm also a female fragile X carrier, w/ beginning signs of dementia, ataxia(Parkinson), lupus ,severe PTSD,and the list goes on &on, I've recently relocated to out-skirts of Richmond to get out of abuse relationship, I have no family, except3 lovely daughters who have been really taking care of me since the oldest was 7& I was diagnosed with lupus, she's25 now&planning to marry in a couple months, still waiting on disability for over3yrs, 5th time applied, every Dr I see can't believe I've been turned down, IM LOOKING FOR A GOOD PAIN MANAGEMENT DR,the one I have now is not worth a dime but only one who will prescribe me anything that half way works, not nearly enough to make it through the day,is there ANYONE WHO CAN SUGGEST A GOOD PAIN MANAGEMENT DR, I'm living in car now so traveling a little distance is no problem besides the fact of driving without use of foot or hand, I have a great general practice Dr who will give me referral, he just doesn't know who is a decent Dr willing to learn&help with ALL MY MEDICAL ISSUES, I'm told with my medical issues and how rapidly they are progressing, I won't live many more years, ANYONE WHO CAN HELP PLEASE RESPOND ASAP, I'D LOVE TO LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE ALL MY DAUGHTERS , MARRY& START THEIR OWN FAMILIES, DESPERATE FOR ANY GUIDANCE

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