Need Help Finding A Doctor That Will Prescribe Methadone For Pain Management In West Tennessee

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Adam Says:

I have a unique situation. I am a recovering addict with severe chronic pain. I have really bad scoliosis that's in my neck and back and been in several really bad car wrecks. Lets just say I'm a tree magnet when riding with other people. I have been on suboxone and subutex for the last 2 years. Before then I was going to the methadone clinic on and off for a few years but I couldn't pay for it anymore so I had to stop going. And before and during that I was going to the pain clinic for my back and neck pain. I was prescribed 120 10mg oxycodone and 120 60mg Morphine. Before all that I was Doing like 6 to 10 80mg OxyContin and 6 to 10 200mg morphine a day off the street from age 16-24. This was before I got insurance and found out I had scoliosis at the age of 24 and now about to turn 28. So there's no way I can take pain pills cause they don't work for my pain or my life. I haven't had a job or really got out of the house in the last two years because of the pain I'm in. I can't live a normal life on suboxone or subutex I'm just stuck in pain and became distant from everybody and everything I love. methadone was the only thing that has ever worked and gave me a normal life. If anybody can help me find a doctor I would appreciate it. Thank You

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Adam! How are you?

I''m sorry, but if you were already taking it at some point through a clinic for addiction treatment, that is in your medical records and a regular doctor will not be able to prescribe it for you. That's the way the law stands, so your only option would be to really go to another treatment clinic.

Is there a treatment clinic in your area?

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Adam Says:

Hey thanks for reply. Yeah there is a clinic about 25 miles away. But there's no way I can pay for it between the clinic cost and gas that's over 200 a week. I am unemployed and don't have my license. it's gonna cost over 500 to get my L's back. The ride is not the biggest problem the money is. The only way I could do that is if my insurance would pay for it and Cigna won't pay it. I tried a couple years ago and they wouldn't pay for it. unless they changed it and I doubt that. Tell me this why would a doctor write me pain pills after I was going to the methadone clinic? If they wrote me all these pain pills after I was already going to the clinic. Then why wouldn't they write me methadone now? It's just a lot of bs I can get pain pills all day but not what helps me. I just don't get it the system is f up. Sorry ain't trying to be rude towards you just saying. I don't get it what does a person in pain do if they can't take pain pills and don't wanna take em cause there's not enough morphine in the factory to make me feel high if I wanted to and I don't wanna. So pain pills are out of the question and suboxone does nothing for my pain. Idk guess I'm going to let my health keep going down hill like it has been the last two years cause I can't do anything from the pain. End up on the street and dead. Just hopeless at the minute any other suggestions I will surely take em. Thank you

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BZD Says:

No law or regulation exists that prohibits a doctor from prescribing methadone to a person with a history of drug abuse/addiction and previous treatment with methadone for addiction. In addition, a person's addiction treatment history does not "appear" in his/her medical record. Like HIV, miscarriage, and obtaining counseling for domestic abuse, treatment of substance use disorder is considered protected information under US Federal law .. the only way that this info can be disseminated is with the patient's clear written permission.

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sara Says:
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Adam-try an addiction psychiatrist. Cigna will pay for a Psych MD who can monitor you. Call the American Psychiatric Society in your area or Google psych MDs with a specialty in addiction AND pain management.

Take ALL your medical records!

Best of luck!

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barry Says:

Doctors are now able to access a database that reveals all other doctors that you've seen in the last several years, what meds were prescribed and what for. You're right about the clinics though because that does not come up from what people have told me who were going, but I definitely wouldn't want to hide this from them.

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Cao812 Says:
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Cigna is accepted they pay 60%

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lacey37 Says:
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Jackson tn has a methadone clinic thats all I know.god bless you.

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Jenifer Says:

If you want to find out what your medication record is for scheduled medications check with your state prescription monitor program. Many time you can get this information by filling out a form that is on the internet or they can send you one. Sometimes they require you sign the form in front of a notary which the UPS store (not a post office) can do for you. There is a small free for the Notary. If you are moving to another state you might want to check the state you are going to since some states are now sharing this information. Not every state has the a Prescription monitor but most do. Also each state is different with what medication is reported and how many years they monitor. Having this information can be very helpful if you are seeing a new doctor. These days if you forgot you were on some pain medication and forget to put that in your history a new doctor may think you are not being truthful and send you on your way with no help (and get stuck with the $200.00 bill for the visit.)

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HuLa Says:

I HAVE no faith in drs anymore............. sad bit true.... my husband was in the military .. served in Iraq and we moved ever 2 to 3 yrs.. as soon as he retired I was shafted... GOOD NEWS IS ... I am on no med... bad news is... I AM IN hell... I a STRONG ... I will live.. NOT.. not to sound morbid.. I don't believe in suicide.... but I WISH I DID MOST DAYS... I will survive... TY FOR LETTING ME VENT... sometimes we just need to let it out..... GOD HELP YOU ALL... I PRAY YOU WILL COME IN CONTACT THT HAVE COMPASION AND SYMPATHY... THIS I pray for ALL that are in pain and sorrow xooxoxoxoxo

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Pocahontas Says:
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Anyone in the medical field can see every prescription wrote to you, from where and for what! Its on a database fill called Casper sheets! For Dr shopping and so they won't prescribe you something that will make you overdose from not telling them what you already have in your system! Just like EVERYONE going to the hospital cause of idk back pain and getting narcotics, they do not give them out so freely now! No one does because people abuse everything and ruin it for others that really need it! I'm not saying you are one of them! An think if people waaay older and how they lived and grew up with pain and aches! People now a days are sooo quick to say ouch I need a narcotic for something maybe a ibuprofen could of helped!

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screwed Says:
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Hang in there. Im in the same sinking boat. Something must be done. You have drs that "dont believe in pain meds", you got pain clinics that treat you like a junkie child with the tolerance of a ferret or you can go to the clinic and get all the methadone you the govt is gettin their slice compared to the normal can bet on here you can have 240 mg a day of methadone at ten bucks a dose jus sayin your addicted to percocet used for pain that doesnt work anymore after ten years... orrr you can take the last cox-2 left on the market (for a reason they are all but gone)and wait on some boobs to grow on a man or a stroke or heart attack..orr you can get ulcers and hypertension and a bad heart from som meloxicam or other nsaids everyday and still hurt..hey you can even burn your liver out w tylenol and noones scared of the govt..nevermind..its futile.. hang in there.. i dont know what to do either. Cant work, relationships are over cause im irritable all the time, and i have no goals anymore. Jus take it hour by hour and sometimes minute to minute.. I ponder suicide often also. Just to end the pain. How could god be mad at me for that. I been hangin in like a champ for a dozen yearz now. My rope is gone

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CoolMommaducky Says:

Screwed, I understand where your coming from. I been fighting this battle 20 years now. We both deserve metals. From my understanding,TN laws got changed this summer so my Dr can't prescribe methadone, referred me to CPS, but my records didn't make it. They discharged me and I almost lost my mind, had to be hospitalized. Now on a medication that makes me feel like a zombie just to bear the pain. Good luck, don't give up, You are not alone.

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kristy Says:

there is a methadone clinic in Knoxville. I'm not sure of the address, but the phone # is 865-522-0661. I can't remember how much it is, but I believe it is around $85/wk. That seems high, but you can't put a price on the amount of pain you're in. Good luck.

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jackie b Says:
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does anyone know any doctors n west tenn that perscribes methadone

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Andy Says:

Hi Screwed-I really identify with just about everything everyone on this page have spoken about-I know the feelings of wanting to commit suicide and the fear of going to Hell-(I am Christian) yet I am so tolerant to meds after three consecutive pain problems that anyone who thinks I'm getting high I would sometimes like to become physical towards! That would be a first. Chronic severe pain; whatever the cause will finally make you reclusive-withdrawn (sorry-redundant) and fear any social commitment. My friends I haven't seen in about a year had plans to stop by and I was petrified! All because I can't predict what my pain level will be! It gets pathetic-my sad story is I could cut my pain by quite a bit with surgery for one of the problems but can't afford the medicare copays. They're a drop in the bucket for many people but completely out of my reach. The friends I have left tell me (despite my age) "oh-you're so pretty-why not just meet a guy get married and have health benefits!" Honestly! I find myself looking at dating sites and it seems everyone is a skier, hiker; gym fanatic-you get the picture-all these things a girl with a nightmare of back problems and a lower leg full of steel who can't stand some days would interest! Seriously Screwed, don't discuss suicide and then not write again. We're all suffering emotionally and physically so drop a line. God Bless.

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Iron pain Says:

That's me too. Everything you said, from no insurance to not even wanting to leave the house for fear of pain, and how ill be a drag to hang with old friends. Even makes it hard to see my little girl, she's 3 and is so full of life. And I'm doing my best to play with, but secretly can't wait for her mother to pick her up so I can crash from the pain.

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kevin Says:
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I've been battling this problem for years as well. Wish I could say I'm winning but I'd be lying. My father had pain issues and consequently became addicted to the prescription meds. When doctors took away his scripts he committed suicide 4 days Later. He was my best friend and I will never forgive him for taking himself from me. NOTHING in this world is worth killing yourself for. No situation is hopeless please remember. On another note when pain meds stop having an analgesic effects there are non narcotic medications that will potentate opiates, promethezine (for nausea) clonodine (for blood pressure) if you add 1-2 mgs of xanax or klonopin if you can't get benzos there is a supplement called kratom that potentiates opiates as well. Please be very careful when mixing these medications as there is a high risk of overdose so remember that you can always add more, you can never add less. Start small.

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lanie Says:
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This might help. Pain management docs will have pamphlets in their office. Find a pamphlet concerning Medtronic intrintrathecal pumps. In the pamphlet there is a list of Drs. the company finds knowledgeable and compassionate enough to recommend people suffering with pain. These drs will prescribe methadone while waiting on the pump or instead of the pump. They prescribe because their patients are beyond a level of pain a human being can live with and could possibly have a heart attack or stoke.
I mentioning this because these drs.are being harassed by the dea for standing by their oath and helping patients. It might seem like the drs don't believe u but they have to cover their asses. They might ask u to bring in an Mir
One more thing. You might be asked who referred you. My family Dr. gave me the name of the Dr I see now, I spent a night on pain meds in the er and the Dr there gave me the same name and said he heard great things. This same Dr was listed in the pamphlet and patient review online were like nothing I had read before. I'm in my though and in and out of the er for 6 yrs and scrappy drs.
I hope you have the same luck as I did. Review the drs listed and see what patients are saying. Make your appt. with those drs
God Bless
I pray for an end to the torture we have endured at the hand of our own govt. Breaks my heart

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Kathryn Says:
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I am experiencing a lot of pain. I have spine problems & peripheral neuropathy. it hurts more when doing this. I am just upset cause my nice sweet Dr is going to a new clinic for diabetes. I already have applied and they are supposed to call me back. This is out of California, Dallas, ft w, Houston. It's new. Everyone was bringing him donuts, & getting there refills, I still have 2 refills on xanax & 5 on pain meds, but wanted more on xanax but have appt with psy n p sept 21st & pain m Dr Oct 6.he is not as nice as Dr I saw today, this Dr is sweet, I am going to try to get in touch with him Tues. He just forgot about giving me more refills, I still have 2 but need to find another nice Dr. I am really sick. {edited for privacy}. I can go the old Dr in Rockwall if I need the he Rx me methadone for pain & xanax too thanks, Kay

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

For the 1`0th times: addiction medicine is not a specialty recognized by the american society of medical specialist. no residencies to speak of and, most importantly, no boards to past. The last time an addiction specialist" worked with me on a case, I told him tat he was leaving, or I was — and I have a methadone maintenance license (or m y department does). I can't speak for all the alleged addiction specialists. butafter one horrific experience (and the guy was brilliant — just, in layman's terms, "f-----g" nits!

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