Need An Aerosol Badly For Sinuses

John Says:

When can I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Verwon Says:

Nasacort HFA is only available by prescription.

Have you checked with your local pharmacy to see if they carry it?

It contains the active ingredient Triamcinolone, which is a steroid class medication and due to the risk of possible side effects, you do have to have your doctor's approval and a prescription to purchase it.

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John Says:

Yes, and I have called the manufacturer. They have not actually manufactured the product yet. This is what happened an number of years ago with a similar product. I do believe drug companies make more money with a water-based product. However, this time the manufacture's customer service dept. states that they are going to truly make the produce this time. Maybe available in a few months. If you know different please respond!

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