Need Advice For Methadone Withdrawal Symptoms

Juels Says:

Hello all.

I am seeking advice for either home remedies to help alleviate some of the symptoms of withdrawal as you taper off methadone, or any and all suggestions about how to go about reducing the dosage and cravings.

My boyfriend has been on methadone for 3 years. At first it was a 105 mg dosage just a substitute to get his fix instead of using. Now, he is really trying to get clean and slowly get off methadone. He's been on 30 mg for (from what I can recall) 6 months. About a month ago, he tapered down to 25 mg. He takes 10 mg pills and we are cutting them into fourths and halves. He tried to go down to 23 mg, but he has had a hard time with his nights - joint pain, muscle spasms, cravings, etc. So now he is a little reluctant to continue to go down.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can help him and he can help himself with these symptoms?

He's also been fighting cravings and been so close to scoring, but something always happens that he doesn't get his stuff. I don't live with him and he lives by himself, so his nights are when he is more susceptible to relapse. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Verwon Says:

Unfortunately, with Methadone, there are really no proven ways to do this, other than by using another drug such as Suboxone, which would require another long tapering process.

Learn more Methadone details here.

But Methadone is notorious for being super dangerous to stop taking and for causing severe withdrawals and cravings. That's why most people that used it for addiction treatment ended up on a lifetime maintenance dose of it and never becoming completely drug free.

Thus, the Suboxone treatment that I mentioned is the only suggestion I know of to make.

Learn more Suboxone details here.

Has he tried getting professional medical help with this?

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alldone Says:

I just finished 2 years on Methadone.... started at 60mg of juice....took a few months to get stabilized... then started a slow taper... in my experience...a very slow taper is the only way.... you must be stabilized with you last taper ( no more than 10% ) before you drop again.....i tapered down to 2 mg for 3 weeks, then 1 mg for 3 weeks, then .5mg for 3 weeks... then I stopped.... and had no withdrawls at all I am a month methadone free and feel great, no cravings or desire....slow slow taper and it will work.... there are no shortcuts....nd it's well worth it... good luck. You'll get there if you want it.

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Marci Says:

First, I was on Methadone for over 6 years. I was on a dose as high as 190 per day.
I read an article, on the internet, that was written by a doctor. He said no matter what dose you are on, the withdrawal is all the same and takes exactly the same amount of time.
So, on June 30th 2012, I quit cold turkey. It was not easy.
But, with the help of my doctor, I was able to beat it.
Even if you are on 5 mg per day, the withdrawal will be the same as 60 or 190.
My suggestion is to quit cold turkey and suffer through. Do not let the Methadone clinic lie to you anymore.
The cravings do go away very quickly.
The withdrawal feels like the flu without the vomiting and it will take a while to get your appetite back.
But you will lose weight. In fact I lost about 40 pounds.

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Marci Says:

You wasted your time tapering off and a lot of money. The withdrawal from 5 mg is the same as from 190 mg. No matter what you are shocking your system.
The methdone clinic is told to tell their clients that weening down is the only way to go. This is the only way they can continue to make money off of you.

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executioner Says:

Are you a moron. Never tell someone on a high dose to quit cold. Just because you did it WITH THE HELP OF YOUR DOCTOR, that doesn't mean someone else would. that's the mentality we fight every day in MMT. People with a cookie cutter mentality. You know, every one's the same.

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Mattyopiodman Says:

Suboxone does not contain any methadone, I must inform you. The ingredient is bupenorphrine and nalaxone. Subutex is another option which is exactly the same as suboxone without the nalaxone opiod agonist.

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Mattyopiodman Says:

This is of course a reply to Marci

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Desperate 20 Says:

I need help I'm 40 years old heroin addicted female. Was on maintenence for 5 years at 80 just recently dosed down to 57 and jumped I'm on day 20. When does this get better. Because as usual I didn't plan well and I'm doing it without meds

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Marci Says:

Tell your boyfriend no matter what dose he is on, the withdrawal will be the same. My suggestion is to just stop cold turkey.
Yes, he will feel like crap for awhile. But, in the end, it is all worth it to say you are totally free of the methadone and drug free.
Do not use alcohol to get through the withdrawal. You can than become dependent on the alcohol.
Also, music helps a lot to get through the withdrawal. I used my I-Pod to help me relieve the symptoms of withdrawal.
Even if you ween down to 10 mg or even 5 mg, the withdrawal will be the same as when you are on 30, 60 or 90. Just stop and suffer for the period of time and come out clean.
As the song says "you have to go through hell before you get to heaven"

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Marci Says:

No, I am not an idiot.
And, I did not go to my doctor for help. I did it all on my own.
Read the postings on the internet about quiting methadone. The withdrawal is the same at 5mg as it is at 100 mg.
There is no getting around the withdrawal.
If you feel you need help from your doctor, do not go to the clinic doctor. They only want to keep you there so they get your money. They will tell you whatever they have to to keep you coming there.
I actually went from a much higher dose down to nothing on my own. No, it was not fun. But, at least I can now say I am free of the liquid handcuffs. Can you say that? I doubt it.
Do not knock something until you try it for yourself.
Yes, it is hell, at first.
But, you have to go through hell before you get to heaven. So, enjoy and stop cold turkey. You will not regret it.

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kd Says:

I'm detoxing from130 to completely off in 30 days today was day 14 . If tooooo can dime a natural.suplemento store and can afford about $100 worth of natural herbs , minerals etc, it will be much easier. and help the receptors in the brain heal much quicker. also helps with restless leg, irritation, pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc. I thought it was b******* until I got desperate and was so sick my family was beginning to get severely annoyed with me . I could barely work much let alone take care of my children. if you want to email me I can send or email the list. The.$100 in supplements lay around 3_5 months groundhog on height, weight, metabolism, etc. also prevents sweating as much

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Rui Says:

kd can u help me plz? doing the same as you, ct from 90mg liquid, week 2 and I keep getting worse. I'm starting to fear for my life. How long until I start ramping up??

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Ldawg Says:

Hello my name is len. I was on methadone for 9 years due to pain my Dr retired and I was left in the dust!!!! I tried finding a new dr even w all my records I couldn't find one to help, I been off them for a month now still having horrible pain in my back but I'm alive, the paws (post acute withdrawals syndrome) is horrible I'm on suboxin but doesn't help much and now I just starting neuratin, idk if it eill help yet ! But I was on 80 mg cut down to 40 and I went threw hell! I still am the paws is almost as bad but I am bak to work, counseling helps, I just suggest for ur boyfriend that stay active it helped me especially talking don't feel sorry for him keep him up and moving that will help slot! But he will say how much it hurts etc just keep him Goin it hurts more laying there believe me!!!! God bless he can do it if he Really wants to only the weak give up!!!

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chrissy Says:

Hello I was on 120mgs went down 5mgs half a pill every other day got down to 70 and slowed down to half a pill once a week ;and I was clean for 3years then got into a bad at accident and I'm on it again for pain ; but u can do it be strong it's physiological as well as just having strong will to do it ;good luck to u I'm here if u need help ;thanks Chrissy

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Layla Lou Says:

I did a fast taper, I was on 140mg a day and did a 21 day taper. I went down 10 a day than when I got to 60 I took it slower. I found that taking a multi vitiman really helps, you can look online under Toms Recipe for detoxing. Also I took melatonin at night. You must be informed about that and take it the right way. Try to keep as active as possible and get outdoors in the sun to help with depression. The worst it got for me was body aches and feeling like I had bricks strapped on my feet, also it feels like there is a cloud over your head all day. You have to be positive and wanting to do it. Be stong and just no it will only get better. For sure though take those vitimans!!! B6 will help with energy!

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matt Says:

Try kratom I took it for opiate withdraws and it stopped the withdraws and killed the pain.give it a try its truly amazing stuff

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iamahumanguineapig Says:

I'm currently on methadone and tapering off, so I empathize with the situation you and your boyfriend find yourselves in. This is the third time I've tried to drop, though the first two times I had to stop due to major life events interfering with things. I've found that if I'm not in a stable place in my life and haven't prepared for it, then making the attempt either simply won't happen or will be a complete failure.

I found this article ( a while ago, and while it's pretty much common sense stuff, having the reminder did help and it makes some great points which I've followed. Layla Lou made some GREAT points about multivitamins and supplements which have also been helpful to me. Gentle exercise - walking, yoga, stretches - and hitting a hot tub have also been beneficial, as has meditation. Melatonin helps, but so does Tylenol PM, Advil PM, or Z-quil. If insomnia gets really out of hand (or anxiety), a doc might be willing to give him a short script for Klonopin like mine did. If he's having GI issues, loperamide (Immodium) helps a lot, though it is a a piperidine derivative, and thus is an opioid drug. However, as long as he doesn't take Prilosec with it, he's not going to get a buzz off of it.

Having a strong support network, friends and family to talk and hang out with, and being able to distract myself with games, books, work, and silly stuff on the Internet has also been helpful.

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tracy Says:

What natural supplements are you talking about, k?

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Corey Says:

I'm on 76mgs and I think they ate going to Medically detox me im going through withdrawals my body hurts the worst I feel like death. What medication or supplements help.

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melissa Says:

Did you succeed? Getting off of the methadone.

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