Need A Prescribing Doctor For Xanax In New Jersey

Kimmie Says:

Hi, I was recently enrolled in a methadone clinic in Somerville, NJ. (I have medicaid). However I weaned myself off because it was not helping with anxiety at all and we were not allowed to take any benzos. It got to the point where my anxiety and panic attacks took over toooooo much of my life. I then weaned myself off. Of course I'm back cause I cant take the anxiety and hospital visits with literal rigamortis in my hands, jaw, feet, etc.

I'm over the opiate use, but just can't control anxiety. I desperately need help, please! At wits end. When I took them back in the day I felt so much better, there was absolutely no comparison!

Please respond to me. I am desperate!

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EDDY Says:

Have you tried a Medical Doctor? We can't really help here with finding your meds.

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Vinny Says:

You just need other help. New laws are ending the feel good drugs. Have a beer.

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