Need A Doctor In Boston Who Prescribes Methadone

Sam Smith Says:

Hi my name is Sam. I live in the Boston area. I am on a Methadone clinic but I am on it for pain. I am desperate for a doctor who will prescribe Methadone privately or will make a referral to a pain clinic. So far I can't find anyone. I've had a chronic pain issue for twenty years. Thank you so much.

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David Says:

Hi Sam,

I was able to locate quite a few doctors in the Boston, MA area that are known for prescribing Methadone and other related medications. I posted below only 4 of them, because there were too many to choose from; but I can post a larger list if none of these doctors are the right fit for you:

Nancy Beth Sobel, M.D.
35 Beacon Street, #5
Boston, MA 2108

Michelle J. Sia, D.O.
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
85 East Concord Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 2113

James Niels Rosenquist, M.D.
Mass General Hospital
55 Fruit Street - WACC 815
Boston, MA 2114

Carlos Manuel Suarez, M.D.
16 Blossom Street
Boston, MA 2114

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on your search!

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Sam Smith Says:

Thank you so much for the names of doctors. I am going to call them and try them out. I will let you know what happens. Thank you again.

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haley smith Says:

Hi my name is Sam.
I am still looking for a doctor in the Boston area who can prescribe methadone. I am on the clinic and it is too hard to be on it and go to my job. I am waking up very early to get to the clinic. I was addicted to oxy's but I have been on the clininc for two years. I also need it for chronic pain. Please help me! thank you,

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Donata Says:

Hi Sam- I too live in Boston and wanted to see if you were ever able to get the help you were seeking regarding methadone and doctors who will prescibe it? I am looking for the same help and was hoping you could possibly direct me. I'm scard and alone and don't know which way to turn. Any advice you could offer me I would appreciate. Thanks-Donata

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Haley Says:

hi girl
I have not found any doctor in boston to help me. I am so sick of the clinic. if you find out anything I will let you now. If you have been lucky enough to find someone maybe let me know. thank you

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Lesia Says:

Any doctor can prescribe it for pain. The problem you may run into, however, is that you've been getting it through a clinic, so that may lead many to believe that you were being treated for addiction.

Do you have anything from the clinic, or in your medical records that specifies that it was for pain and not addiction treatment?

Learn more Methadone details here.

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