Need Psychiatrist For Xanax For Anxiety & Ptsd In East, Tn

Jessica in East Tennessee Says:

I need help finding a psychiatrist in East Tennessee, near Bristol and the tri city area. I have severe PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. My pain management doctor was writing them for me but the state is passing a new law that says that pain docs can't write them anymore, only psychiatrists, it takes effect in January 2016 and I have to find one by next month or December. I've been on them for about 12 yrs now through doctors and counseling places. The counseling center I go to now will not write any controlled substances, they say it's against their company policy to write them to anyone anymore. I know it's true, I know several people that go there because their insurance won't pay for any other places around here. That's my problem too, my insurance only pays for certain ones but I'm willing to pay if I have to, I absolutely do not function well in society or even at home without them! I've been through some horrible things and am afraid to go out in public without someone with me! I NEED HELP SO BAD!!!! PLEASE if anyone knows of any psychiatrists in my area that will write me the xanax, generic is also just fine, PLEASE leave me a message!!!!

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Jessica in East Tennessee Says:

I finally found a psychiatrist that might help me but they don't take insurance, if anyone out there knows of one that does take insurance please leave a response for me. I live in East TN close to Bristol and can travel up to 50 or maybe 75 miles to get to one that would be able to help me. I have Bluecare so I need one that takes that insurance. The psychiatrist that says she can help me does not take it or any other insurances but they said they would allow a church or other organization to pay for my visits if I can find one willing to pay them to help me. I honestly can't believe that! They say they are a community help program but they won't take insurance? I'm willing to try them if I have no other choices but I honestly can't really afford to pay for the visits or I wouldn't need to have Bluecare! I don't know what to do, I just know I've already been having seizures and panic attacks from where my pain doctor has been cutting me back on the Xanax and it has gotten way too far down to help me completely and to keep me from having the seizures and panic attacks and other bad issues that come with my PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder that I unfortunately will always have! Please if anyone can help me find one, please leave me a message with some contact info or at least leave the name of the psychiatrist on here for me. Thanks.

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Maddi Says:

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Hey I’m sorry I can’t help but I’m looking for the same name and was wondering if I could get the name of that psychiatrist? Thanks you

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