Need Los Angeles Doc And Pharmacy For Adderall Prescription


I am in Los Angeles on business and ran out of my Adderall XR 20mg. My doctor in DC sent me a script but no one will fill it due to a new CA law. I need a doctor in Los Angeles to write a new script so I can fill it. I am now out and need it as soon as possible. I have the current out of state script and the DC doctor to prove my history. Please help!

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What new law? I live in L.A.- can your doctor call it in? Or usually if u are a longstanding user, your pharmacy (if it has a location here where you are ex: CVS, WALGREENS) will give you the supplemental supply. Usually a 2-day supply.

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Nope you cant have it called in. Its a Level 2 Controlled Substance. They won't get confirmation from my doctor. It apparently has to come from a California doctor. Trust me, I went to 4 different pharmacies, including a CVS I've used before in my travels. They even looked up and saw my history of the prescription and where its been filled in other states. They all said same thing. Has to be from a California doctor and its some new law. I'm pretty sure CVS, Rite Aid and Costco aren't conspiring together :(

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Since I know Adderral usually needs some steps for a prescription (my Dr. Referred me to a behavioral specialist), all i can think of is maybe you can call around urgent cares or maybe even a behavioral specialist near you, explain your situation & see if they can contact your personal Dr. to verify so that way it might speed up the process? Where in LA are you?

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OH! Ok- can your Dr fax it in to your LOCAL CVS, and then you can get it filled here- they are to do that!

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No, prescriptions for these substances can't be faxed, due to the laws. The pharmacy has to have the actual written prescription.

Learn more Adderall details here.

How long are you going to be there?

I'd suggest contacting your doctor and seeing if they have a colleague in the area that they can get you in to see who can then write you a prescription for a few days.

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I would like to know the laws on a Physician in Louisiana being able to Fax a Prescription to a Pharmacy for a Schedule II drug. I gave a neighbor a ride to her Dr.'s appt. and she needed to fill her scripts however she was a few days early so her Medicaid Coverage stated that it would not be covered until 4 or 5 days later. With this knowledge she chose to simple pay for 25 of them and by law "Kill" that original Script and therefore losing 35 out of the 60 prescribed! The Pharmacy stated that her Dr. could fax the remaining of the script and when the Medicaid Fill date came around she could then have the remaining tablets filled. "I FIND THIS ODD DUE TO THE LAWS THAT GOVERN CONTROLLED MEDS SCHED. II ESPECIALLY. IF ANYONE KNOWS LA. LAWS ON THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW..THANK YOU!

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Use a mail order pharmacy in the meantime. Your ADHD must be legitimate and you must have a valid RX.

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have your pharmacy back home mail it to you were you are. If they have the rx, than they should be able to mail it to you.

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I'm currently prescribed two 70mg Vyvanse per day. I want to switch to four 30mg Adderall XR per day. My doctor won't change my Rx. Vyvanse isn't covered by my insurance and there is no generic, so it is way too expensive. Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist in Los Angeles who will write me the new script?

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He said he is in LA. and has the script himself therefore he can have the vbbb pharmacy back home mail it if they dont have the script! However he can even go to an emergency behavioral health clinic and have his dr fax his past history and they are more than likely to write a script for at least a week or even 2 depending on the dr to atleast get him by until he can either send his prescription to a family member who can then bring it to his regular pharmacy and have the pharmacy mail it to him or find one in his hometown who does mail scripts. However be sure to overnight the prescription and make sure it's to someone you trust and make sure they need to get a signature upon arrival of prescription to whoever you send it to. Just a suggestion hope it helps. Good luck. Also any schedule 2. Narcotic can not be called in, and no refills are allowed. You must have a new script every time, im pretty sure this applies to every state.

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Hi, I have been taking 10mg ER of dextroamp/amphet (generic drug for Adderall) for 4 months. It's really hard to get it filled sometimes. Can anybody recommend a pharmacy to go to or not to go to, in Los Angeles? I currently go to Rite Aid and have been waiting 10 days to get it filled. Walgreens, CVS, where should I go?


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Did you ever find a doctor? I am also in LA for a few months and running low on my prescription. I’m from NY, and my doc has me on 2 30mil a day; one in morning & one mid day. If anyone knows a doc in LA, let me know. I have my prescription bottle with me to prove I had a prescription for it before. {edited for privacy}.

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Re: Merry (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I just tried at a CVS. I'm temporarily living in CA. CVS would take either a new valid handwritten Rx or an electronic Rx but my doctor either won't or can't do it.

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