Need Help With Adderall Xr Not Working

CodeyE4 Says:

I was recently diagnosed with ADD I am 24 years old and have had it for years however it didn't effect my life to much until Recently.

My doctor started me on Vyvanse 40 MG the first day I took it worked wonders and then the second day it didn't help at all, so the third day I took 60 Mg and still nothing, so the third Day i Tried 40 once more and had it no effects once again.

So my doctor switched me to Adderall XR 30 MG once a day, I have took it in the past on occasion and it has always worked great for me; However this morning I took it at 6:45 and its is now 9:45 and I am feeling no effects; Good or Bad (no focus, no energy, nothing at all)

I have also tried Concerta one day before starting the Adderall and felt absolutely nothing.

This morning when I took my adderall I made sure not to have any Orange Juice or anything containting Vitamin C or Amino Acid, Ive had no caffein today, and did havent hate before I took or since I took. All Ive had is a protein shake and protein bar the shake right after I took it and the protein bar around 45 minutes after taking it. The only thing I am feeling is a little tired but other then that I am having no effects or side effects.

Does anyone Know what could cause this, I have no tolerence to Amphetemines Other then the Vyvanse and Concerta I had not took any amphetmine in over a year or longer. I do not understand why it is not working as I have took it in the past and it has worked and When I took the vyvanse the first day it worked wonders I am completly confused.

Can someone please help me understand why this may be happening or If there is anyting I can do to increase the the strenge' or make it kick.

Also i havent took any other medication today.

I know this is a weird qustion but is there some way I have built a immunity to amphetimes even tho I have never took them more then once a week and up until a week ago hadn't took them in at least a year probably longer.

Please HELP I am afraid I am going to loose my job because I cannot focus at all, can barely stay awake, and my anxiety is out of control.

Please any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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David Says:


Sorry to hear about your situation with these meds not working all of a sudden. I noticed you mention that you're trying to avoid vitamin C and amino acids. But the thing about amino acids is that they are in absolutely EVERY type of food that contains ANY amount of protein. Looking at nutrition labels you may notice that 90% or more of packaged foods have some % protein in them (which metabolize into amino acids). Not to mention, having a protein shake and protein bar is providing you with a substantial amount of amino acids (the very thing you're actively trying to avoid). Do you think that taking them on an empty stomach and not eating anything until after they've "kicked in" would help?

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codeyE4 Says:

Possibly yesterday I called my doctor and he said it could very well be because they are generic so next month he said he would write them for brand name only he also had one 10 mg IR ro take with the xr in the morning and then a second 10 mg Ir to take aa needed I took the xr and one ir around 745 and felt a little better still not what I have in the past when I've taken any form of adderal so then around 10:45 I took the second and it helped I flet more focus and calmer stI'll didn't have any euphoria effect or much energy but define talk better then yesterday.

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David Says:

With them being generics, your doctor is probably right since they often tend to be less effective than their brand name counterparts.

Now I haven't taken these meds myself, but I've seen a number of other discussion threads here with patients complaining about generics not offering any relief compared to the brand (more notably in regards to pain meds, though it seems like the same case with amphetamines as well).

Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress! I think the more feedback we have as a community the better the odds are for requesting medications that work the way they're supposed to in the first place.

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codeyE4 Says:

Thanks man and I'll defiantly keep you posted I also take klonipin and suboxone so the last couple days I've not took the suboxone and not took the klonipin until bed to minimize the possibility of them inteerifiring with the addefall.

Thank you your responses are greatly appreciated!

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Alex Says:

If it is Teva generic Adderall, it would seem Teva removed most of the active ingredient recently.

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DD Says:

Did you get the Shire brand or using a generic brand and if so what brand of the XR did you get.

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Fifty 50 Says:

Does anyone know any doctors names in central jersey that prescribe adderal ? I need 60 mg of tab.per day and XR also. No insurance so a sliding scale Dr.would be great.

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Renee Says:

First of all, Adderall and Vyvanse do not measure out the same in mg. You need a 70 Vyvance to be equal to 30 of XR.

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DrMerritt Says:

Delayed XR release Adderall is useless. Ask for TEVA instant activation and you will fell like a new human.

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