Need Doctor. West Subs Of Chicago-i Take Norco 10/325's For Pain

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HertinTim Says:

Can anybody recommend a pain management practice near Aurora IL to treat back injuries? The challenge is that many non narcotic medications have not been working well for me and I do not feel good from drugs like Lyrica. I would ideally like a clinic where they would be willing to review my medical history in full and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

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Verwon Says:

One difficulty you may be creating for yourself is by trying to insist on a certain narcotic medication. Many doctors see this as drug seeking behavior.

It is actually much better to let your medical records speak for you, whenever you see a new doctor, that way they can see what has been documented by other doctors and they are more likely to take that under consideration. Therefore, you should always make sure to take a copy of your records with you, or make sure that they are sent to the doctor's office, before your appointment.

That said, have you tried a regular pain management clinic/specialist?

There are several in the Aurora area:

Dr. Ramesh B. Bathina 630-966-9999

Fox Valley Pain Management 630-897-6044

Dr. Gregory Arnold Provena Mercy Medical Center 815-901-1856

and that is just a few of the local listings.

However, we have no way of knowing what they will, or will not prescribe, nor what insurance coverage they may accept.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Peanut Says:

I have a fatal disease and several chronic illness. I had my doctor type all my meds than sign it can use thank god he came done with a brian tumor and the office was closed down. Medical records couldn't be released I did this if I ever got pulled over and had meds with me. I won't carry all my bottles around cause at times they would come up missing. I told my doctor he said the best solution would be a note and carry around 2 of each. This way I would be protected. Well it certaintly helped when finding a temp. Doctor, but the answer to your question there are a lot out there, the reason I know this I spent a lot of time in hospital, it's all by trial and error and a good doctor. Many doctors have been burned by drug seekers, that ruined it for the people that really need it. I would like to tell you but I'm not a doctor. Pain clinic if needed will recommend a pump in your stomach. By printing in caps doesn't mean shouting. I happen to like the looks but I didn't for the fact of that remark. Don't give up, it's discouraging but keep trying have others help. Good luck. I hope you really need it cause it's being abused a lot.

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willy Says:

dr. yang in yorkville. for sure thing

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Blaze Says:

For those worried about pain management here is a short version of my story, I had 6 major surgeries, worst was 9 inches ( instead of the one I was suppose to have) of spinal surgery due to adult spina bifida. For a year prior to it I could barely walk and was in severe pain.. Was told it was in my head by two neurologist. Received steroid and cortisone injections from pain management that ended in plastic surgery as the injections deteriorated my muscles and tissue! After my surgeries the Pain management Drs put me on 100 mcgs of Fentynal patch every 2days, gave me so much Vicodin, muscle relaxers, phenergan, fiorecet, ect I could have started my own pharmacy! Kept doing it for 6 months.. Ok after that they refused to see me stating since I can't have the injections they needed the space for those that could. (They get paid a minor surgery fee for injections)..they gave me a refill on everything and that was it! I went to the Drs Office ( it was an internal med clinic but was also followed up by neurologist, surgeons, ect). After losing two years of my life and going through 3 drs in the same place, I was told I was depressed and needed to go on antidepressants! I advised them I was not depressed I was drugged out! I refused the meds and asked many times if there was anything else we could try ( I did do a lot of physical therapy). So.. Now they decide to drop me and tell me I need to go back to the same pain management dr that messed me up! I reached my bottom, I left crying and despondent...but as I was leaving the office a Dr I had not seen asked what was wrong and actually listened when I said I wanted my life back. It took almost two years but I was weaned down to 25 mcgs of fentanyl every 3 days and 2 to 3 Vicodin.. Just when I was almost feeling normal my Dr left and the same routine started..once again I left the office after being told to I needed to go to pain management..walked out crying and another Dr . Stopped me and asked what was wrong.. When I told her she actually hugged me and said I am aware of your case and I just started my acupuncture clinic.. If you want, WE will try and get you feeling better! Some days she did acupuncture, some days she just listened, and some days she was my Internal med Dr! But she saved my life! She left about 6 months ago, but never abandoned me! She let me know I was not a drug addict but needed to be my own advocate. Before she left she arranged an appointment with a neurologist who specializes in pain management and believes in acupuncture, non steroid/cortisone shots, and massage therapy! He is brutally honest and respects the same. I still have to take meds as my nerves are permanently damaged from the spina bifida and the neuropathy can take a toll as well as a few other issues, but I now have a life, I am on 12 mcgs of Fentynal and take norco only when I have breakthrough pain! I am learning to pace myself, but still stay active! The Moral of this is to keep notes, be HONEST with your Drs. And be your own advocate or find someone that will.. But the first thing is don't Tell your Drs you need meds, tell them what is wrong, ask for alternatives, and if you can't communicate with your Dr, then obviously he is not listening, or you are not getting through to him! There are some amazing ones out there, but remember they are not Always going to tell you what you want to hear!

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Scott Says:
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Dr Yang? Good doctor?

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Lauren Says:

Hi. I just wanted some advice on my situation. Im 30 yrs old and dec 3rd I had fallen on my arm when I was 2 days away from having my 3rd child by c-section. I was told by the hospital I fractured it in 2 different spots. I had surgery on dec 11 and it took 7 hrs. The ending result is 2 plates and 13 screws. I have been on norcos for the past few months cause thats the only thing that helps the pain. My orthopedic surgeon stopped the pain meds after 2 months when I told him im still in pain and there feels like nerve damage. Needless to say he didnt care. It was Michael Weisburger in oak lawn, il. I found a general doctor and explained the situation and he told me he will prescribe me 1 script of pain meds but no more. Im not wanting 2 depend on these for a long time but I have a 4 month old that I have trounle holding cause of the pain in my arm. I hate when someone tells me they get 180 norcos a month prescribed for back pain and im over here with all this metal in my arm having a hard time getting it for me.

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Bree Says:
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Hi Lauren, I'm sorry to hear that. Did you ever receive new medication

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ricky b Says:
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I live in oak park, il. doctor is no longer seeing patients so I have been cut off from narco and xanex...does anyone know a doctor in whom will prescribe pain medication? I'm in a lot of pain, anything wil help, I'm almost desprit...please help

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need help Says:

I hope every doctor who just wants your money and doesn't care about your chronic pain but rather your money sticking it to you anyway they can gets to feel what its like to be in chronic pain. along with the politicians and DEA. Chicago has a bunch of doctors advertising pain management but they don't know the definition. Steroid shots are not always effective and steroids are hard on the body. Any one lately know of real P.M. doctors prefer N.W. area but open to travel. have all sorts of pain spine etc and records and been in P.M. for 8 years. They wonder why H is badly abused here and what about the poor veterans. are the pharmacies messed up too? still lookin help....

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Hartley Says:
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If you can get to Rockford Dr jasek, Dr enke, or lamsdil all rx Norco neurontins flexeril with or problem. Jasek does 5 refills at a time.

Rockford orthopedic
Riverside and Mulford

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Lolo Says:
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Yes Bree thank you I found a doctor finally.

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Jim55 Says:
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What can you tell me about this dr? Why are you so sure it's a sure thing?


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TooMuchPayne Says:
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Has anyone had success in finding a good doctor who treats legitimate chronic pain? I can't keep living like this, it's pure torture. I've got plenty of medical records, pharmacy records, etc. I'm unable to live a productive, functional life under the care of the doctor I'm currently seeing. He's dead set on installing a SCS for his financial benefit while ignoring the complexity of my pain and injuries and what's ultimately best for me. My spinal injuries span from a fracture and pinched nerve at C5, pinched nerves at C8 and C7 along w/arthritis and numerous bone spurs in my neck to compression fractures at L3 and L2 w/compressed discs b/w L2 and L3 and L2 and L1 in my back all the way to a herniated disc b/w L5 & S1 w/a pinched nerve causing radicular sciatic pains down my legs. I've been through all types of treatment: epidurals, trigger point injections, acupuncture, biofeedback, electronic stimulation and TENS unit treatment, several types of physical therapies, etc. Nothing mitigates the pain to tolerable levels while allowing me to lead a productive life and engage in more physical activity more than opioid medications. I've never abused them, not followed my doctors directions, etc. and it's heartbreaking to see how much of an impact drug abuse is having on people w/legitimate and very serious chronic pain problems get the proper treatment which helps them the most.
If anyone can please let me know of an understanding, compassionate doctor who will continue narcotic based pain management treatment I'd greatly appreciate it!
Thank you and God Bless!

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Poodle Says:

Have you ever thought about seeing an extremely well qualified Hypnotist? A hypnotist can create 'drugs of choice' as your mind already knows what that drug does for you. Your mind will respond as if you are getting the full dose of the pain med and a hypnotist also can eliminate unwanted side effects from drugs. Finding one of us is difficult in the US, but they do exist. Just make sure to say you want the Bandler drug of choice and ask if they know it. Be well~Pood

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Poodle Says:

Have you tried inj's in your back so see if it stops the pain and for how long? If it does, you have to go thru that 3 separate times and then they will burn those nerve endings so they cannot cause you pain. They eventually grow back again tho so it's a circle. Also, if it is from vertebrae rubbing together, they can now inj some soft stuff to keep them separated so they cannot hurt you. Third and final step is a spinal fusion and I would not recommend that to anyone. Pain meds are only a temporary solution to a permanent problem. These procedures would be carried out by the radiology department of a hospital in your area and not all are the same. You need interventional radiologists. You may want to ask for Vicodin brand name instead as it is 10/300 so there is less acetaminophen to hurt your liver.

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Mary Says:
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There is an excellent pain management doctor/anesthesiologist that works out if Alexian Bros in Elk Grove, IL. I had two major spinal fusions and an fused T10 to the sacrum. I tried absolutely every other option before the surgery but wanted to remain upright and not in a wheelchair. Had severe spondilolisthesis that created bad scoliosis in lumbar region, therefore the extent of the surgery. One year after initial surgery top area had not fused well and they went in again, put in new hardware, did iliac crest bone graft and while this time it all took I live with constant chronic pain and am so limited I ended up on SSDI. Anyhow, after little luck with pain doctor I had, I parted ways and took a chance on this doctor at Alexian. What a godsend! He listens, we have tried various meds and combinations if meds and at last there is at least better pain control. Highly recommend him.

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Mari Says:
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There Is a terrific pain management doctor out of Alexian Bros in Elk Grove. I know that's a way from Aurora, but he listens, he tries different things and will work with you to come up with a plan that works. Dr. Joseph Belmonte, and is an anesthesiologist and pain
Med doctor. Board certified. Excellent
And worth the trip.

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Camie Says:
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Hi Lolo. I am an desperate need to find a pain management dr here in IL. I have scoliosis degenartive arthritis and 3 buldging disc. Please let me know of any good recommendations. I would appreciate it. My pain unbearable and I just want my life back with my daughter I feel so bad because I want to be able to get my life back and play with my daughter.

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Bioll Says:
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All you have to do is be honest. I got 120 30mg roxis , every 2 weeks for 8 weeks. Cuz of a few broken ribs. You jus have to find one in the burbs. Make sure you haven’t filled any other opiates in over a year....or have your records and the dr should see the trend of you taking and filling the meds correctly. That’s the only way.

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Betsy Rambo Says:
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Re: Bioll (# 19)

Nope Kratom 200% safe and pretty effective! Also research potentiators

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