Naxdom 500 For Migraine Pain

pravin birade Says:

i m having migraine....i m taking this tab when pain is beyond dis tab cure my migrain.....forever???

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Verwon Says:

Naxdom contains the active ingredient Naproxen, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and no, it doesn't actually cure anything.

Learn more Naproxen details here.

If an underlying cause can be determined for your migraines, then it may be possible to cure them, but not all of them can be cured.

Learn more migraine details here.

Has your doctor ever found a cause for yours?

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pravin birade Says:

no they r not.....actually i had head enjury a year before,,, i did scan MRI....but every thing is ok in dat....
after 1 month i got 1st attack of migrain....i m taking ayurvedic medicins for that..and it minimised my migrain....

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Deepak Says:

HI, i am 36 Year Old male having problem of pain on back side head/Brain and taking medicine of Naxdom 500 Mg at the time of pain of brain and also taking medicine of franxit 10 mg. What is the use of these medicines.

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Madhu MS Says:

Bayaa where we cant the medician for migraine(Ayuvardhic)

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Nighat Says:

Can you please tell me the name of that ayurvedic my the intensity and duration of migriane is increasing....i really wanna get rid of this...its killing me

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janc Says:

My mom is using naxdom wen she get migraine .if she takes this tablets she will faces any problems in the future?

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Prashant Says:

I m also suffering from migraine from last 6-8 years. I m 36yr old male. due to migraine pain many times I cry. Nexedom 500 support me lots. but even more plz try alovera (korphad) leaves n keep it on your eyes, which help u to reduce nexedom 500 . well this is my experience.... now a days only onnce in a two month getting migraine attack . preciously it was Evey 15 days. Also try to attend Vipshyanna. this is the best ever green solution migraine. ... threr might be some connection of alovera n migraine, some expert doctor need to investigate this.....

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Prashant Says:

bhai plz discuss u r problem with neurologist or I can suggest do the cource vippashyana if u HV time. also keep Alovera into u r eyes every day for 20 min for 15 days. plz cut olevera between before keep in u r eye to reduce the pain

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BabyCakeS Says:

Hi....I have a question for u can u take Naproxen with suboxen? Bc I know that if u take a sub. And u have an opiate in ur system that it will put u into a ill like state...I may not be saying that right. I hope u understand. But anyways QUESTION.... CAN u take Naproxen with Suboxen?!?!?!

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mumtaz Says:

i am taking naxdom 500 tab for maigraine. shal i get any side effects fromthis tab.

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Reddy Says:

Hello , good afternoon ,
Iam 35 years old , male, into business.
I consulted neurologist as Iam getting frequently headache, he has asked me to use DIVAA-OD 500 for 2 months daily 1 in night and NAXDOM 500 when ever headache is seviour. I completed the course,while using I felt better and In this period I hardly got headache.
From 2 days I started walking at morning 5:30 for 1 hour and by the time Iam back home Iam getting headache seviour. Whole day Iam not able to do my work .
Can u help me why it so? Should I undergo any treatment

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Sanjay Says:

Having often headache from Last two years... Now migraine attacks are frequent...unbearable..taking Tryptomer as advised by Physician continue from last two month...Taking Naxodam 500 SOS or Headset.
Having Hypothiroide also.

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Rajveer Says:

hi Every one i have migrain since 4 years
i have taken medicine ciplar 40 mg and tryptomer 20 mg firstly it was good for me
but after using continuesly it was not working in my pain

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manohar Says:

Problem always is that a neurologist or physician never has time for their patient to listen to the cause, frequency or severity of pain.

What do they do? They are always in a hurry writing for a bunch of medicines, sometimes not all required but they have to please their medical reps, to rape with our hard earned money and go to Copa Cabbana beach in Brazil or Ujbekekistan or Thailand to get massaged. My many physician friends told this to me after gulping uncounted pegs.

Why doctors do not have time? Because they have to see the next patient, next, next, next, next to make a lot of bucks in a day as if no tomorrow. To purchase Honda city, then Audi, then Volkswagen, then Mercedes, then Rolls Royce, then Ferrari, the Lamborgini, then private jet, then............... then rocket to go to Mars. Ha Ha Ha Ha........... too much doctors? Are You listening?

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Rita Says:


Could you please help me with which ayurvedic medicines you are having.


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Chetan Chhawchharia Says:

thank you, could you share what ayurvedic treatment you have been taking to minimize Migraine pain.

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Janc Says:

No this table only relief pain at that moment may be after a week or month u may get pain agine this table only for relief

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Bhavanisri Says:

Chronic head ache and dizziness.

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Vikas Says:

Fast pain in my head.dark Ness infrontof my eyes .all test are OK.EEG MRI brain is normal but pain still going on.which medicine recommended please tell me

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Janc Says:

You can take naxdam 500 mg tablet .it will relief your pain

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