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marin5 Says:

Nature Throid is my prescribed thyroid med. One side of the pill says RLC and the other has N150. It is a small light tan pill and I am wondering whether anyone knows where I can fill my prescription for it in MA? I see a few people on this site are also taking it. My pharmacy is having a hard time ordering it!

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David Says:

Dear Marin,

Sorry to hear about your situation. According to a letter from the manufacturer, reported on December 11th, 2017, there appears to be a temporary shortage with lots of backorders working to be fulfilled. However, they go on to note that Nature-Throid ½ grain and 1 grain dosage forms are still actively shipping. You can view more details about this here:

They go on to note that, "any pharmacy can fill your prescription for Nature-Throid. If you are told either it's backordered or discontinued, please contact us at 877-797-7997 or [email protected], with your pharmacy’s phone number so we can help them order the strength you need from their distributor."

I also wanted to point out that the drug monograph here on 'desiccated thyroid', lists multiple generic & trade (brand) names of Nature-Throid that may be worth looking into as well, including but not limited to: Armour Thyroid, Westhroid, "Pork thyroid", Thyroid USP & Thyroid BP. --- It further notes that all brands consist of desiccated porcine thyroid powder, differing only in binders/fillers.

I hope this info helps!

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marin5 Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

The binders are my downfall! Too many allergic reactions!

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