Nature Made Magnesium Softgel Color?

Peggy Says:

What color is the Nature Made 250 mg Magnesium liquid softgel supposed to be? The first bottle I bought had dark forest green caps, but the 2nd bottle has nearly black/very dark brown capsules? Which is correct? Should I worry about taking these nearly black ones?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Peggy! How are you?

Since these are over the counter products, they aren't required to log such information with the FDA or any other regulatory agency, thus I do not have an answer for you.

Have you tried contacting the company?

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Peggy Says:

Have not contacted the company yet as I thought someone might know off-hand. I searched everywhere on the the internet for a picture or description of an actual capsule, but the only images were of the bottles of course. I'll see if Nature Made has a contact link.

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NBII Says:

I just called Nature Made with the exact same question, Peggy. The rep said the current dark brown color of the magnesium softgels is normal, as was the dark green color they were previously.

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Peggy Says:

Thank you! It would have been nice if the label had said "new look/new color" wouldn't it?

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