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dee buckel Says:

I have been a Nasal Crom user since Oct. o7. Began using it as a
treatment of outdoor mold allergy. This was on my own. My allergy caused chest congestion, fast irregular heartbeat and Afib. This spray has been like magic. Nothing else had given me any relief. We live in Salt Lake City and it is terrible for outdoor mold. Even in the winter--it snows quits drys wind blows and I am in the doctors office.

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jo Says:

My husband just started using NasalCrom for chronic cough that he has had for years. The doctors had tried everything including sinus surgery, prescription sprays, mucinex, nasal rinses, etc. etc. The pulmonary doctor finally said he was giving up but to try NasalCrom. The cough stopped almost immediately. We feel it is truly a miracle after all these years of misery.

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VerFree Says:

Wow! I am very glad that it's helped so much.

Has either patient experienced any side effects? The FDA reports them as possibly including funny taste in mouth, drainage, odd smells, dry mouth, and headache.

Ref: MayoClinic Nasalcrom

Jo, my husband has a similar issue, which also continued after his sinus surgery, it is very annoying, and hard to deal with. I may suggest he try this, if his doc says it's okay for him to use. Thanks!!

Is there anything I can help with?

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