Nardil Antidepressant Alternative

patti Says:

Nardil is a hard medication to be on. I was wondering if there are any other antidepressants that have the same effect as Nardil without the side effects?

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Verwon Says:

You will not find any drug without side effects, the class of drug does not matter. How badly they affect you depends on your body and your metabolism.

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TheWhoFlaps Says:

I have been on Nardil for three months now. I am taking 45mg a day. Is this a typical dose?

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Pale rider Says:

I was on Nardil for about 6 years and it did work for my aniety / panic attacks very well. However my physiatrist said there are much cleaner meds available now for my type of condition. I was hesitant because the Nardil worked well but the limitations and constant worry of food reactions with Nardil were overwhelming. Nardil is a heavy hitter . I am now on pristiq and it works well, no food/ drug interactions very few if any side effects, makes me feel normal . Not as uppity as Nardil but safer
Pristiq has a bad rap for coming off this drug so consider that . As of now 5 years I'm staying on. Hope this helps

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Pale rider Says:

I as on Nardil for 7 years , it is a heavy hitter for sure, works good but the restrictions are daunting you have to be very careful on your food / medications for interaction . I am now on pristiq and it also works well without the restrictions
Good luck to you

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Deborah O Says:

Is there any drug company that can make an antidepressant without gluten and why not......Zoloft says it is gluten free MAYBE.....what is going on.....this is 2017

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