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AM ON NAMENDA XR 78 YRS OLD. EXTREMELY TIRED, WEAK, NO STRENGTH, HUSBAND SAYS I AM DIFFERENT, LOOK DIFFERENT, ACT DIFFERENT. WANT TO KNOW IF ANYONE ELSE HAS THESE PROBLEMS TOO. ## Hello, ASC! How are you? Yes, those can be normal side effects of this medication, as listed by the FDA. You may also experience dry mouth, fear, bladder pain, back pain, increased urination, general feelings of illness, hallucinations, restlessness and shortness of breath. How long have you been taking it? Many side effects will taper off, as your body gets used to the medication but it could take about 4 weeks. Have you consulted your doctor? ## I WAS ON NAMENDA XR FOR OVER A YEAR. I HAD 2 MINI STROKES. SEVERELY DEPRESSED. SLEPT ALL THE TIME. EXCESS TIREDNESS, WEAKNESS IN LEGS. NOW OFF THIS MEDICINE FOR ABOU...

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