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Can you buy Nalmefene in canada?

I would like to know if the drug Nalmefene is available in canada and if it is can it be prescribed by a doctor? ## Information I've gathered actually states that Baxter Healthcare Corporation has discontinued production of Revex (Nalmefene HCl Injection). As far as I know, this was the primary manufacturer of Nalmefene, but there may be others out there which I haven't located. I can however verify that Nalmefene was in fact classified as a Prescription Only medication before it was discontinued by this company. I hope this info helps! ## Please, i want to buy Nalmefene to reduce alcohol consumption by my girlfriend, where can i buy in Canada, or can i order it internationally? ## Sam, did you ever find anything out? I know it's being released in the UK where they still hav...

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