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Bufigen / Nalbufina from Mexico

I had been getting Nalbuphine from Mexico twice per year. I'm in S. Texas. Last there in October 2020. Now told I need Dr's Rx to bring across. Is anyway I can get prescribed online? I have been taking for years off and on. ## Just wanted to say wow , I don’t see many ppl who even know what Nubian is. I was wondering if it was still being used

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Nalbufine expiration

expired in November 2009. Still effective? Toxic? ## HI, Duke! How are you? No, opiates aren't known to become toxic or dangerous once expired, but they do lose effectiveness. After so many years, it is most likely worthless and you should just dispose of it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Why thank you Verwon. Pain management is a challenge here in Mexico. The latest is that there is no morphine available. Since I have been taking 180 mg daily, down from 300, for many years, finding alternatives is a task. Currently Endocodil, oxycodina, is the solution but it is five times as expensive and not quite as through. I am from Toronto, but living at Lake Chapala in the mountains of southwest Mexico. Where are you writing from? ## Not in my experience I know someone who had 2...

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Nalbuphine Availability

I have an active prescription for Nalbuphine but can't seem to get it filled anywhere. The FDA website has been updated and says that it is available again but I don't know where. Does anyone have any ideas?? I'm getting tired of ending up in the ER and being treated with a multitude of medications that don't work in the end anyway. ## Hi, Tammy! Can you please post back with your general location? That will likely help you to get more responses, since it will enable people to suggest a pharmacy in your area, if they know of one. Thanks! ## I don't know where you are at but I live in the us and get it at walgreens but they have to order it every time and if your pharmacy ever has a problem ordering it call hospira directly they sent some to my pharmacy once even when...

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pain killer safe for pregnant woman and starts with N

the drug im looking up i actually got in a shot at the hospital when i was pregnant with my son. i cant remember the name of it because they told me the name AFTER they gave it to me and i was totally out of it. but i know it starts with an N ## nalbuphine hydrochloride < thats the name of it. i found it all by myself lol. ## If it was for pain it was probably Nubaine. It's sometimes used in birthing centers for pain as well and doesn't pose a danger to the fetus (well, not as opposed to some of the others...) ## Way to go! It is sometimes hard to remember what many of these are called. My husband just had surgery and it was hard for me to keep straight what medications he was given. This medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as...

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Migraine pain

I have been to a neurologist and have tried every medicine he has prescribed. One he prescribed makes you feel high for 2 days so you can't sleep. That's no good! Another feels like your having a heart attack. There is a long list of others! The best results I have found are inj's. of nalbuphine/nubain. I can take the inj. and sleep for a couple of hours. Then I can participate with my family life. When I asked my neurologist about Nubain he said I would need to go to the the hospital, which is $1,200 a visit. (I pay my bills and want my credit to stay good) There are doctors that prescribed these inj's. at home. I have met some online and know one personally but not in my area. I want help!! It's sad to miss your daughters piano recital because you are suffering fro...

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Nalbuphine inj.

I live in Los Angeles, Ca. Im trying to get Nalbuphine inj, The pharmacys dont have it.. Do someone know where to get it around here.... thanks ## Nalbuphine is a semi-synthetic opioid used commercially as an analgesic under a variety of trade names, including Nubain. Have you tried looking for various brand names of this medication? Pharmacies such as Walgreens should easily be able to mail order it with your prescription if they don't have it in stock. I would also inquire about this service as a last resort. Hope this helps! ## contact [email protected] {edited for privacy} can help ## hi, looking through the forum for nubain I noticed you post, "can help". Possibly and hopefuly you can help me too. after a severe motorcycle accident I have been suffering with progressive, intrac...

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