Nalbuphine Availability

Tammy Says:

I have an active prescription for Nalbuphine but can't seem to get it filled anywhere. The FDA website has been updated and says that it is available again but I don't know where. Does anyone have any ideas?? I'm getting tired of ending up in the ER and being treated with a multitude of medications that don't work in the end anyway.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Tammy! Can you please post back with your general location?

That will likely help you to get more responses, since it will enable people to suggest a pharmacy in your area, if they know of one.


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chelly Says:

I don't know where you are at but I live in the us and get it at walgreens but they have to order it every time and if your pharmacy ever has a problem ordering it call hospira directly they sent some to my pharmacy once even when it was on back order

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DR JEE Says:


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Tammy Says:


Walgreens is my pharmacy too, I live in Missouri. I tried calling Hospira myself last month but the woman I talked to was unable to help me. She said only the hospitals were getting orders filled at this time and suggested I try to go through them. I haven't had much luck there, but did find a compound pharmacy that is filling it for me at the moment. Of course, it costs more getting it that way. I wonder why my Walgreens can't get it filled then? So frustrating!! Thank you for the info, I keep hoping they will be able to again soon.....:)

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chelly Says:

I hate to say it but Walters just filled my prescription on the 3rd of February. They did say they changed who they ate ordering from though. I don't know I'd your walgreens is the same as mine but when I call I always Getty directed to a call center that is no where near where I live and they'll always trail me it was ordered and it isn't. I have to call the call center and then ask to speak to someone that's actually at the pharmacy and then but them for two or there days to get it. And if you do get it the FDA made hospira weaken have to take double the dose to Getty the same effect. Sorry if I repeated myself I didn't read what I posted last time. I also think the only reason I'm getting it from walgreens is because its refills on a prescription they already filled so they have to. I'm probably not going to be able to get it when I have to get a new prescription.

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MsBeatBox Says:

Walgreens is the leading carrier of Nubaine.... I have been on it for 3 years and Walgreens has been so helpful... I had some insurance changes and issues, doctor being an ass issues, and more while on it... but Walgreens always took care of it!! And if they don't have it at ur local, u can ask if a close by Walgreens has it and they will call them to find out....

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Mateen Says:

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me to find out if there's a better painkiller for my brother having bone cancer, with severe pain in his bones? We are using tramadol 100 mg and nalbuphine, but it doesn't work properly. God bless you.

{edited for privacy}

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