Nadolol Color

Kathie Says:

I just got a script for 20 mg today. The pill was white. My old ones that I have left are yellow. Are they the sime thing. It makes me nervous. Wouldnt they let people know if they changed the color?

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Russ Says:

I had the same concern which is how I found your post. Mine are now white too.

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Verwon Says:

I can't tell you anything from just the colors, but I can tell you that the colors don't actually mean anything, this is entirely up to the whit and whim of the manufacturer.

Nadolol is a non-selective Beta-Blocker, used in the treatment of high blood pressure, chest pain and migraine headaches.

Common side effects may include: nausea, fatigue, brachycardia and bronchospasms.

You can read more here:


Do the tablets have the same imprint as the prior ones you were receiving?

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Russ Says:

No they're different. For grins I googled the imprint on the new pills and found they are Nadolol but by a different manufacturer than the old yellow ones. Thanks! I now know I'm taking the right stuff.

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Roy Says:


What are the markings on the pill? There are several white 20mg Nadolol, and the markings vary by manufacturer as Russ said.

A couple possibilities include:

AP 2461, manufactured by Apothecon.

Z 4235 on one side with 20 on the other. Manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals.

There may be others as well, but I was just wondering if any of the above markings match up with what you have?

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RatonRebel Says:

Your pharmacy should have informed you when they handed you the refill, as did mine today. I wanted to double-check, which explains why I graced this forum with my presence. I have no idea why Nadolol changed manufacturers. It had long been Mylan, now it appears to be Geneva. While the number pill impriint matches with Nadolol, I can't find a match for Geneva in conjunction with 20mgs of Nadolol. I too like familiarity and was surprised when my little yellow pill was not there.

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