New Release Cardizem Brand Not As Effective

Patricia Says:

Because of my extreme drug sensitivity I need to take the brand Cardizem for my Afib. Due to production problems it was not available after December 2017 with the availability not returning until April 2018. I feel as though the new release is not the same as the prior capsules...appears to be less drug contained and I am not getting the same benefit from the Cardizem 120mg as before the production problem. The pharmaceutical company is Valaent. Can this be checked out ? Did anyone else have this problem with the new release? Thank you.

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Patricia Says:

Sorry the year dates are was not available as of Dec 2016 and did not return until April 2017.

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Verwon Says:

If it has been manufactured by the same company, there shouldn't be a difference.

How long have you been taking it? There is a chance that your body has just gotten used to your current dosage, which means you might need to try a different dosage, or a different medication.

The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, increased urination, headache, and hypotension.

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