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What are the possible side effects and is there a recommended dosage? If so, how much do you take per day?

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cielo Says:

My partner is taken Myron p forte and anti tubercolosis tablet but after he drink he always go to cr many time and he consult a doctor and they give for dehydration oral medicine but Myrin p forte still continue drink,,, is it safe for that tablet,,

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Gul Says:

ye tablet myrin- p forte kahne se mera her waqat head pine rehta or Nick me dard hai please help me

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meekay Says:

Diagnosed dn aq s ptb
Advise ni doc 3 myrin p forte 30 mins before meal at after meal mgtake ng 1 b-complex
Urine is red orange pero ok ln daw un, advise ni doc iwas s food n mataas s uric acid dhl ung gamot mtaas n s uric e, i have no symptms ng ptb no ubo,sipon or lagnat but unfortunately my PTB daw aku,sinunud q lng ang mga reseta at tipz ni doc, bkas xray ult at cbc ko,hope ma clear ako!!!wag kau mtakot s TB! :-)

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meekay Says:

Ok lng yan mam..ganyan d po ako, lage aqng uhaw at gutom at antok after uminum ng gamot,

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jc Says:

is it ok to take myrin forte 3 times a day?every before meal,,,,

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Jhe Says:

How to take my 4 caplets a day myrin p forte

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josephine Says:

I'm 52 kgs and I'm diagnosed with minimal Prn with negative sputum tests. I was given a month of Myrin p forte and after a month shift to Myrin tablet 3 tablets in a single dose before breakfast, is the dose okey or under dose?

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ginalyn Says:

Tanung q lang po ok lang po ba na inumin ang myra p forte 3 tablet sabay saby un at sa gabi after a meal un po sbi ng doctor.

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Rick Says:

I'm on my 4th week approaching the 5th week so far after I've taken this. The sputum is gone after a few days I've gained weight and slowly but surely getting better. Will go back to the doctor after the 8th week and 2nd month. Hopefully, x-ray will show improvements. Only a few side effects, that are tolerable. This thread should help encourage patients to be hopeful and patient. It takes time to wait for the drugs to work. It depends on your body how to respond to the drug. Ask your doctor on how to take it and follow it religiously.

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Princess Says:

Any doctor pls. Reply me may effect ba sa menstruation ng babae ang pag take ng medicine ng myrin forte

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teeny Says:

I am wondering if having a red eye is one of the side effects of tb drugs? I'm getting nervous. Please answer.

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Faiza Says:

Strict adherence to treatment is mandatory for this condition otherwise resistance is developed. Consult your doctor

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Mish Says:

My doctor prescribed myrin p forte (3 tablets per day)... Is it an effective tablet? Has anyone gotten good results from taking it?

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Angel Says:

Is it fine to take Myrin P and contraceptive pills at the same time?

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Hi. My nephew was diagnosed with an early stage of pulmonary tb in his lower left lung. He was suffering from a high grade fever (104 degrees). All investigations done show that all is ok, but the x-ray of his chest is showing fluid in his lower left lung. He was admitted for 3 days in a hospital with some antibiotic and now the dr has given him myrin-p forte tablets. How long should he continue treatment?

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Keinor Says:

Hello. I really need information for my dad on how to take this medicine called Myrin p forte... I want him to be able to take this medicine for his tb.

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Sam Says:

Hi. I got pregnant this month and have been taking Myrin-p forte for the past 17 months. What should I do now? Can I continue this tablet or do I need to stop taking it?

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Donna Says:

Hello po, my tb po at im taken myrin p forte sa gamot na ito epikto ba nito ang pagtulog, walang gana sa pagkain minsan, pangangati nahihilo, sinisikmura, 4 tabs daily ang tini take k as my doctor prescribed plss paki sagot nman ng tanong k salmat po.

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Joy Says:

Re: waka (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Dont hesitate to take it the doctor will not prescribe those drugs if it's not good for you. Continue ur medication rest and eat healthy pray also as god will heal you

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Nida Says:

Hi. When Mucopurulent infection occurs can Myrin P Forte 150 mg be taken for relief? My doctor prescribed this to my mother for her infection but tb was not detected. Please advise.

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