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What are the possible side effects and is there a recommended dosage? If so, how much do you take per day?

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, since this is not available in the U.S., I cannot find any information on it. I would suggest asking your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

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jeroo Says:

please tell me the difference between and myrin-p

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jeroo Says:

difference between myrin and myrin-p

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ta Says:

i was diagnosed w/ tb and was prescribed this med. i was warned to watch out for any signs of vomitting, itchiness, body aches, difficulty in breathing--all of which i experienced at the beginning when i first took the med. but those disappeared soon after. i think the med. is effective for my condition. at least this med. is in tablet form, all-in-one [i heard some take several meds. at a time, and it used to be in liquid form]. that's just the little i know about this drug that i'm taking.

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shadowmoon128 Says:

i've taken myra p forte with no side effect except that my coughing is gone but exactly after a month i have this dificulty in breathing and begin to cough around mid night. i am out of the country and cant reach my doctor to examine it.

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meg Says:

i was diagnosed of having a tb. i took myrin p forte for 2 months. now i stopped taking the medicine due to financial difficuties. im even smoking still, what will happen to me?

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crave Says:

The duration of treatment for TB is at least six months. It is important that you finish the whole course of treatment because your condition will be multi-drug resistant and it will be harder to treat and will require longer treatment period.

Myrin P Forte - for nitial phase treatment & re-treatment of all forms of TB in category I & II patients caused by susceptible strains of mycobacteria.
Myrin - for initial & continuation phase of pulmonary & extrapulmonary TB.

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gen Says:

prescription of the doctor for the patient have a Tb:take 3 tablets before breakfast.
please can you explain this prescription?

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jean Says:

my husband was diagnosed of TB and the doctor prescribed 4 tab of myrin p forte before breakfast and for the last 2 days he was vomiting so hard so i have to stop him from taking this tabs and now he's suffering from High blood pressure and numbness to his left hand...

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jean Says:

my husband was diagnosed of TB and the doctor prescribed 4 tab of myrin p forte before breakfast and for the last 2 days he was vomiting so hard so i have to stop him from taking this tabs and now he's suffering from High blood pressure and numbness to his left hand...the doctor prescribed 4 tabs before breakfast, is it that too much?

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ron Says:

i had TB and my doctor prescribe myrin p forte for me. the weird thing is my condition got worst coughing till my lungs out, fever the whole week, being weak and no appetite at all. im getting nervous that this drug is not working for me since my cough can make me vomit and i got colds too! im using the medicine for a month now.

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alex Says:

im taking myrin p forte the day i take till 18 days is wrong after meals i take then i back my doctor then i take before brakfast now ...hope its well be ok but my syntom is eachy ,bleed when i cought,cant breath and nervouse..pls help me

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waka Says:

base on the message i read, now i'm hesitate to start that drug? what do you think? is myrin p forte is the best drug for tb treatment?

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Paulino Says:

Hello po doc, nakita po nang doctor na me PTB ako at niririsitahan nya po ako nang Myrin P Forte, 4 tablets a day before breakfast and b complex... 3rd day ko po ngayong pag take nang medicine... sa first day po orange masyado ang urine ko pero ngayong ikatlong araw naging normal nalang po ang kulay... ano po ang indication nito? sana po mabigyan ako nang sagot... salamat po in advance at God bless..

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saqib rao Says:

hello; i was using myrin for last 5months. doctor diaganose me pericardial effusion TB. first two moth i used myrinp fort onwards i m using myrin 4 tablets daily before break fast. and i m feeling perfect now. may i know how long i will take this medicine?

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mia Says:

how long can i take this tablet?

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kalay Says:

side effect lng ng gamot yung red orange color urine. so nothing to worry atleast d na naging orange color.. better drink a lot of water.

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Benjamin Says:

Four weeks more to go, then have a re-check from your doctor.

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sandy Says:

diagnose a pneumonia. he take levofloxacin for 10 days and azithromycin for 3 days.less than a month he again had a cough until he throw out a blood, he began to felt back pain, painful to inhale/exhale. the doctor need a 2nd x-ray before she give a another medicine unfortunately the result was freeze due to holy week no working days. I give Myrin P Forte to my husband 4 tablets b4 breakfast he weight 180 lbs he just take once yet followed by 2moro. am i not mistaken of my self medication for my husband?

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eleina Says:

i am taking myrin p forte after light breakfast for almost a month and didn't know that i should take this before breakfast. does it mean that the one i took before is absolutely nonsense? please help me I'm so confuse.

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