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Cindy Says:

I started to take Myrbetriq 5 days ago and I am having severe fatigue. Just wondering if any one else has felt the same way. Thanks.

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Blondey1 Says:

I have elderly mom and she is battling cancer her side effects were not fatigue but exhausting super weak. Nausea but worse of all memory loss severe in two months. I am taking off immediately as her brain was perfect cancer she fought for nine years this medicine for her was a bad choice didn't help bladder at all

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David Says:

I started to take Myrbetriq a little over six weeks ago. I'm a little thick and it took me awhile, but I finally figured out that it was causing my extreme fatigue and sleepiness. The reason I was confused is that I had been having a lot of trouble sleeping so my PCP prescribed Remeron. Since I started taking them both about the same time I just assumed it was the Remeron. The first time I took them both I slept almost around the clock for two days! I kept cutting the Remeron dosge, again assuming it was the problem. I finally quit taking it completely but the sleep problem and fatigue didn't go away. The Web-site did not list sleepiness as a side effect, but I finally put two and two together. I'd rather have OAB than be unconscious 3/4 of the time. I just quit taking the Myrbetriq, so I can't state positively that it is the problem. However, since I quit taking the Remeron over a month ago, I'm pretty sure it is. I started w/25 MG and then went to 50 MG. Neither helped my OAB at all!

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Anita Says:

I took just myrbetrig extended release tablets 50 mg for 2 nights and I had extreme fatigue and weakness . It worked great but will discontinue as I didn't start to feel normal till 4:00 PM in the afternoon and I took it at 9:00 pm

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Edie Says:

I am taking myrbetriq - can I take a fluid pill with it? Also, when should I take myrbetriq AM OR PM?

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Jasmine Says:

I am 80 years old and have been taking Myrbetriq for over a year. Having back to back urinary tract infections for the past two months. Can one stop Myrabetriq cold turkey or should one taper off?

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Dulcinea Says:

I have Medicare and a supplemental health insurance plan. My cost for a 30 day supply of Myrbetriq is $145. I cannot afford that. Any suggestions for coupons, discounts, etc.?

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Claudine Says:

Re: Anita (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I took one 50mg pill, it kept me up
All night and didn’t help my urine problem

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Pam Says:

Yes, I have been sleeping more with the medicine. They have also diagnosed me with ITC. My pain was so severe I need this medicine. I am sorry it is a problem for you.

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Pam Says:

Re: David (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I cannot handle the pain, so I have to take the medicine. My pain was so bad I felt I could not leave the house.

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