Mylan Mirtazapine Does Not Work

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Miles Says:

Has any one else experienced this? I had to start using the Mylan version of Remeron / Mirtazapine and I now get sever leg cramps, headaches and the return of my depression. It’s as though it has NO active ingredient in it. The name brand Remeron puts me to sleep about 15 min after taking it, but the Mylan generic for of Remeron/Mirtazapine does not. I stay awake for hours. I can not afford the name brand remeron at $187.00 a month but I am to afraid if I try to use the Mylan version again the worse will happen. I am kind of between a rock and a hard place over this. But I have switched back and fourth enough times now that I know the Mylan version does not work. I get this from Walgreen’s in IL and I am looking for similar problems. Walgreen’s tell me they will not carry another generic brand. They say Mylan is a trusted company in the generic medication business…???

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Amateur neuropsych Says:

YES! I did notice a much reduced effect. There was some other generic I had before that worked like the name brand.

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Roy Says:

Mylan is a large and well known generic manufacturer - but what you're reporting is quite common as far as generic medications differing from their counterparts. Even generics with the same active ingredients coming from different manufacturers can react differently between individuals, and this is because the inactive ingredients and manufacturing process can actually differ. You might want to look around and see if you can obtain Mirtazapine from one of the other large generic manufacturers.

To name a few: Teva, Watson, EON Labs (now Sandoz), Roxane ... and there are more manufacturers of this medication than what I have just listed.

It's a pain that Walgreens only carries this particular brand. Check with other places to see who they carry it from.

To Amateur Neuropsych - Do you remember the manufacturer of the generic which you had that worked as well as the name brand?

Good luck !

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Hamed Says:

YES! It is very true... the Mylan version of Mirtazipine causes so much stomach discomfort for me... I compared the ingredients of Mylan's and Teva and have noticed way more ingredients in the Mylan version than in the Teva. In addition, the ingredients are much different in the Mylan version than the Teva... I don't understand why this would be? in addition to the stomach cramps and pains, I've also noticed that it also doesn't seem to work at all... I would normally fall asleep on 30 mgs of any other generic brand but Mylans... It doesn't even seem to have the proper active ingredient... this is ridiculous!!! There is got to be more people than just the 2 of us here complaining about the difference...

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Opinion Says:

I decided to get the real thing in the soluble tables (remeron rd) from canada. (Doc wrote prescription for Remeron SolTab (american name for remeron rd) I'm getting it for $93.50 for 90 day supply. It's the real deal, and since for the same time frame would have been $30 out of pocket for generic ($10 x 3mos), I'm alright paying the extra $20/month to not have to deal with begging the insurance company or dealing with generics. Mylan xanax also sucks for me. I don't know why Mylan makes such crap and no regulatory bodies even notice. They seem to make their tablets so coated that the meds never get into my system before the pills have been pooped out. Xanax and Remeron are two drugs I want working as soon as they are swallowed. I feel Mylan might as well just put chalk in their pills for all the good they do. BTW I use Greenstone for xanax, but have to shop around. Nothing wrong with asking what generic you'll be getting --before-- letting the pharmacy have your prescription. I've had to change from Safeway to Shoppers to RiteAid to Harris Teeter to keep a good xanax brand. Seems like price is the ONLY thing pharmacies and insurance companies care about. I believe the generics do have the same active ingredients, but I'd argue about the bio-availability of the meds from generics any day.

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My guess Says:

I'm living in Europe and for what it's worth I will try my best in English to share my experience with mirtazapine. When I started it some years ago I used the Remeron (Sandoz) and this one put me to sleep in no time. I used 15mg and had to cut down to 7,5 mg because in daytime I would be to sleepy and sedated. I ended up taking 1/6 of a 15mg tablet to sleep properly, occasionally after drinking a few beers in the evening. Since they started only selling the soleTabs to dissolve in the mouth, it really didn't seem to work anymore. The I tried the Mylan brand but that didn't help me neither. Now I've looked for an alternative brand Eurogenerics and I'm sure hoping to get some sleep again. I'm really feeling desperate! So I end to agree that the generics have the same active ingredients but not the same bio-availability. I must add to the discussion that I take a PPI, proton pomp inhibitor, Omeprazole and perhaps I don't have enough stomach acid to break down to coating of the Mylan brand?? Are there other people that take some anti-acids along with the mirtazapine?

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MB Says:

Walgreens just switched from Teva to Aurobindo. The Aurobindo Mirtazapine does not do a thing for me and now I can't sleep!

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Julie Swift Says:

I have been taking Mirtazapine for 9yrs. I moved to Spain 4yrs ago and continued getting my prescriptions here. However, recently ALL the chemists in my town seem to only have Mirtamylan. I have had terrible side effects...not being able to sleep; tension: extreme fatigue; whole body hurting; fuzzy thinking; depression returning. It took me a while to work out that it is the generic 'Mirtamylan' causing this. I feel so fed up and yes, depressed which is what I was taking it for in the first place.

Is atge Mirtazapina Teva brand ok?

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Adam Stannard Says:

Mylan Fentanyl patches and Mylan Budesonide (generic for Entocort) are both not as effective as their counterparts. Watson patches last the 72 hours that they are supposed to - the Mylan, 48 hrs at best. Opiate withdrawals should not be tolerated to increase a companies (or some individuals) bottom line.

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sleepless in Texas Says:

I also have had sleepless nights with generics for Remeron, but have found that the TEVA brand will work for me. The difficulty is always having to check each time to make sure that the pharmacy fills it with only the TEVA brand. I use CVS and the local pharmacy can't seem to get it right; however I've had great success with their mail order. Evidently they did not fill my new prescription with TEVA since it is not working tonight!

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amanda Says:

I was put on remeron once in treatment and it was horrible. Felt like was going to have a heart attack and put 30 lbs on. didnt help my issues either

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holytrauma Says:

yep it doesnt work. I've been depressed and awake long enough

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Rodd Says:
via mobile

I've been taking Mirtazapine 45mg for 18 months and find the TEVA brand (orange box) of mirtazapine totally useless. I just spent the last few weeks in despair with no sleep and sinking deeper in to depression everyday.

I tried to think what had changed in my life to make me feel this way, that's when I realised I'd previously had the same brand of pills from my chemist up until my last prescription. I went back to my docs who dismissed this idea but after persisting somewhat eventually wrote me another prescription to try and find a chemist stocking a different brand to TEVA.

I was hoping to get the same manufacturer i'd had before but was given Medreich brand instead which I'd never heard of so was a little worried. That night I slept ok and instantly felt better the next day. Now 1 week later I'm back to how I was and getting proper sleep.

I also take Omeprazole to reduce stomach acid and as the other poster says, maybe this does have an effect on breaking down the TEVA brand. Either way, there is most definitely a difference between generics. I get the same with my Omeprazole, were only the Losec brand works.

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mountain girl Says:

Funny thing is I had been used to the Mylan brand and it worked for me. When my pharmacy was not able to get that brand, I accepted what they had, and felt like I was on nothing after two weeks. When I switched back to Mylan brand, started feeling better with in two weeks, which is the normal time for most people to start buiding up an antidepressant in their system. I just had to purchase brand name for 148.00 for a 30 day supply, as I was afraid to try a different generic when Mylan was on back order. My doctor made me so mad when he asked me if it was all in my head! Sounds like there are many others who have experienced problems with generics. I also have to have TEVA for my buspar, or same problem. Never had the problem with brand name.

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Lilu Says:

Hi all !! I was having Avanza for 3 weeks and when I went to get the next one they gave me Remeron, I started feel even worse then before shaky and very nervous .
Can some one tell me what is the difference between Avanza and Remeron ?

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MB Says:

Same thing happened to me! I now get the mirtazapine from CVS.

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James Says:
via mobile

Hi I live in uk England I was on 30mg mitrazapine and found that it helped me in a good way helped me sleep and kept me calm I tried the generic from SUN PHARMA and found these no good was awake all the time and felt depressed can any one guide me to a reliable generic manufacture please that's has good generics and work the same way please let me no

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Doc21 Says:
via mobile

I've been on the Aurobindo generic Mirtazapine for 5 years now. I've only tried the brand name once and didn't see any difference to warrant paying out of pocket for it being I'm a military veteran. With that said 7 days ago I received Mylan Mirtazapine from the VA meds by mail. They changed their generic brand Aurobindo to Mylan. The first night I started this past Friday my heart started racing. Few nights later I started feeling extremely panicked & felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms. Just the slightest sounds would set me off. Needless to say I had to call my Pdoc and have him write a script outside the VA. I had to call three places before Walmart said they carried it at the tune of a $148.00. Which I might not be able to recoup if my Pdoc won't authorize it. The VA as well as civilian pharmacies change up brands to save a few cents on a order. I've had the pharmacist tell me on a order for a different medication in the past was like 53¢ difference between what was he was getting before. And it landed me paying for another drugs outta my pocket. Here's how this a works. The generic brands as many of you noted have different fillers in them. And the active ingredient doesn't have to be the same as its brand name counter part. Also they delivery system each drug has maybe different. Hence the side effects and not working proper for everyone. Some folks just don't have troubles with switching brands. And as you all can see a lot of us do. Here's the crazy thing. The Ativan I take in generic form is made by Mylan. And its the only generic I can take that works 1/2 of what Wyteh made back in the day. That was the best anxiety med I had ever taken. But a lot of you may not know there is no more brand name Ativan. It may look like the same pill but its not. A little research helped me out on that. Bottom line is its not fun being subject to lessor quality meds. Because right now I'm in withdrawal symptoms waiting for the Aurobindo to get back in my system. Don't be afraid to stand up for ya self's. Wish you all good thoughts. Regards Doc21

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Denise Says:

I have been on the Mylan version of Mirtazipine. It gives me the worst headache ever! I wish they wouldn't switch generic co meds around. The othe was from Meda ( I think) and I did fine with that. Do not try Mylan Mirtazapine.

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Donna Says:

I just got the Aurobindo brand of Mirtazapine and it makes me sick. I mean stomach pain, bladder pain, feel like I have the flu, and really depressed. Similar thing happened with Serax brand, generic oxazepam, for sleep. When Teva made it, it worked fine. Then they stopped and I tried 2 other brands. Some weird one made in Viet Nam me sick, had SLS as a filler (which is a soaponification product used in shampoos and soaps and it's not recommended to use anything with SLS), It didn't work and the Sandoz one which was covered in shellac didn't work either. The government should check if there are ANY active ingredients in these generics. I started a petition but it went nowhere.

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Denise Says:

I prefer Teva brand. It always worked better for me. Less headaches than Mylan Mirtazapine

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