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Mydayis 50mg getting used to it

Hi, I currently take Mydayis 50mg once a day in the morning and have been fir several months. I’m finding myself getting used to it earlier and earlier in the day but it still works great while it does. It stops around 1 or 2. My question is where does a dr go from here. Would the best thing to do be to add an adderall instant release in the afternoon? I’m not sure laws on prescribing more than one Mydayis per day which would be ideal. ## I've been talking that combo for about a year now- Mydayis 50mg around 7am and Adderall 20mg around 3... it's absolutely perfect for my long days and nights of needed organization and concentration. I dont sleep much more than 4hrs a night during the week, but that works for me ## Hello Jack Lovel, Honestly it's going to be an o...

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Mydayis Reviews (Cons & Pros)

Hi, I'm considering giving Mydayis a try. I've been struggling with the decision to switch from Vyvanse 70mg to Mydayis. Vyvanse works great for me but every now & then I like to take a months break from Vyvanse & substitute it with Adderall 30 mg. Twice daily. I honestly don't do well with Adderall. It has too many bad side effects for me & I'm such a Moody grouch that entire month. Let me add that yes, I see a doctor monthly & have had valid prescriptions for any medication I'm speaking about. Can anyone give me any reviews or the cons & pros of Mydayis and I also realize that every person is different & different meds works on some people just fine & others it don't. Just wanted to hopefully get some honest opinions & experience...

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My experience on MyDayIs

Just finished my fist 30 day trial of MyDayIs and am not refilling! Within one week, I was planning my suicide. It was all I could think about most of the time I was on MyDayIs. I’ve never before had such strong suicidal thoughts. My recommendation to anyone considering trying this medication is to share your thoughts while on the medication with someone very close to you. They may just be the ones to save your life. ## Wow! I am so very sorry about what you experienced, that's terrible. How are you doing, now? Some medications do cause that as a side effect in some people that take them, according to NIH studies, which is why these issues are listed in so many black box warnings. Are you doing to try a different medication? ## Doing much better now, thanks for asking. I went ...

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Just started Mydayis

Haven't used Amphetamines since I was in grade school. Rosaline. Do recently my Dr wanted me to try Mydayis. Today was the first day 25.5 mg then in 2 weeks 37.5. I can't say I felt much, maybe a little more focused but not black hole focused and could still laugh and be myself. There aren't many reviews as it's new so I guess I'm just looking for feedback or suggestions. Kind Regards ## The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, mood swings, and weight loss. Is there anyone else that has been trying this medication? If so, please post with your experience so far. ## Hello! I'm a 47 year old female who started 37.5 dose of Mydayis one week ago. I did ...

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