Mydayis 50mg Getting Used To It

Jack Lovel Says:

Hi, I currently take Mydayis 50mg once a day in the morning and have been fir several months. I’m finding myself getting used to it earlier and earlier in the day but it still works great while it does. It stops around 1 or 2. My question is where does a dr go from here. Would the best thing to do be to add an adderall instant release in the afternoon? I’m not sure laws on prescribing more than one Mydayis per day which would be ideal.

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AD Says:

I've been talking that combo for about a year now- Mydayis 50mg around 7am and Adderall 20mg around 3... it's absolutely perfect for my long days and nights of needed organization and concentration. I dont sleep much more than 4hrs a night during the week, but that works for me

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Kevin Says:

Hello Jack Lovel,

Honestly it's going to be an open discussion between you and your doctor on what route to take next. I have seen other users like AD who take both medications while other are prescribed a stronger extended release Mydayis. It really comes down to what you and your doctor decide is the best fit for your health and needs.

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