My Experience On Mydayis

JC Says:

Just finished my fist 30 day trial of MyDayIs and am not refilling! Within one week, I was planning my suicide. It was all I could think about most of the time I was on MyDayIs. I’ve never before had such strong suicidal thoughts. My recommendation to anyone considering trying this medication is to share your thoughts while on the medication with someone very close to you. They may just be the ones to save your life.

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Verwon Says:

Wow! I am so very sorry about what you experienced, that's terrible. How are you doing, now?

Some medications do cause that as a side effect in some people that take them, according to NIH studies, which is why these issues are listed in so many black box warnings.

Are you doing to try a different medication?

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JC Says:

Doing much better now, thanks for asking. I went back to taking Adderall 20mg 3x/day.

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JC Says:

I've been off MyDayIs for 3 weeks now and I haven't had a single suicidal thought. Nothing else has changed in my life, so I'm convinced that it was the MyDayIs that was causing my suicidal thoughts while on it.

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CJ Says:

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What are you taking it for? Have you tried other medications? I have a sleep disorder so am trying it for wakefulness. It's pretty much my last shot. I've tried Modafinil, Adderall, Methylphenidate, and Vyvanse. They did genetic testing and I have some mutant gene alleles so that I rapid metabolize virtually all stimulants. All but Vyvanse might as well have been tic tacs, even at the highest doses. Vyvanse was mildly effective, probably equivalent to 2 cups of coffee for the average person. This is my first day on Mydayis and it was better so we will see. Hopefully I have better luck than you did.

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JC Says:

Re: CJ (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I was taking to help with alertness through the day. Adderall works, but I was looking for a one dose a day solution and Adderall XR didn’t work for me. I’m sure they everyone reacts differently to MyDayIs, much like all medicines do. I would just recommend keeping somebody informed of your mental state as often as possible. It took almost 4 weeks, but I eventually fell into a deep depression that I didn’t realize I was in until it was almost too late. I’m really hoping that it works for you without any side effects!

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Carpe Says:

Is anyone else experiencing weight gain while taking Mydayis? I’ve been on this for 6 months. Prior to this, I took everything.... Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Vyvanse and on and on). I exercise a lot - same as with the other meds. Gaining weight!

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