My Dr Took My Bottle Of Pills From Me And Wrote A Prescription For Another Pain Med (Page 2)

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terriba Says:

I saw my Dr. yesterday and called him because I was still in pain. He told me to come back and to bring the bottle of medication with me. He took the bottle of pain pills that I had paid for and wrote me a script for a different medication. Can a Dr. actually take someone's pills away from them like that?

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Um....WHAT? do you spell much?

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Papa Says:
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The doctor probably is taking them himself

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Penny Says:
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That is crazy they are your pills. I would call the Doctors office and request when you can p u the perscription you paid for from the office.

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stacey Says:
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I want someone to show me this law that says doctors CAN, OR ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE A PATIENTS MEDICATION IF THEY ARE SWITCHING MEDS, TAKING THEM OFF OF IT, ETC. You can't show it to me because it does not exist. Now, if you signed a contract with that doctor saying you would turn over left over medication, then you gave them permission to do it, or most likely they would dismiss you from the practice.

AS FOR JENIFER, it's none of anyone's business why he wants to keep his meds, up and until he does something illegal. HE PAID FOR THAT MEDICINE, AND IT'S LEGALLY HIS PROPERTY, JUST AS IF HE HAD BOUGHT A 12 pack of cokes at the same time, no one has the right to take his last, leftover coke from him. IT'S JUST COMMON SENSE PEOPLE. THIS IS THE USA, NOT CUBA OR RED CHINA. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO YOUR PROPERTY, EXCEPT BY DUE PROCESS, IN OTHER WORDS, A SEARCH WARRANT. 4TH AMENDMENT, US CONSTITUTION.

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Sher Says:
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Ok, my situation is a bit different. I went to doc today for refills on meds. He took my pill bottles from me and said he had to go get a prescription pad. There was one on the table but I just figured he needed a different one. He left the door open and I heard the pill bottles being opened. At the time it made me mad because I was thinking he was checking to make sure it was the right medicine for the bottle, as if I would put a fake pill in there, (I know that is illegal) anyhow, on my way home I stopped to get some water and take my medicine. When I opened my bottle 6 of my pills were missing. I only know because I had counted them that morning very proud of myself because I actually had 10 pills left and was 2 days past my refill date. I try not to take them unless I truly need them. I dont know how many of the others were missing as I didnt count them, but did hear both bottles being opened. Well then I got mad because for one I paid for them, 2 he is my dr. and I trusted him and 3 he stole from me. I called him up and just said "did you maybe spill my medicine because a lot are missing, Im not saying you took them but if you dropped them, then somebody might find them". He flat out lied and said he didnt even open the bottles. What do I do? I cannot prove he took them but I KNOW that he did. I am shocked, concerned, angered and perplexed as to what rights I have. It is my word against his, and he is the doctor!!!!

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Dave Says:
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Re: Sher (# 25)

Hi, my name is Dave. I feel for you because of your experience you wrote about. My x pain management Dr. Tried to do the same to me. I didn't have any trust with him after that. Anything that was done with your medicine should be done while in your presence. Everything above and on the table while you are watching. I believe it is your right. I know that you need your medicine and you don't want to lose your perscriber but what was done to you is wrong. I sure hope you reported him and found a new Pain Management Doctor.

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WillChillRNMS Says:

What we have here people is providers, lawmakers, health entities, presidents, all making up various "rules" they deem appropriate because we have an "Opioid Crisis" caused by, well, caused by you, your doctor, your hospital and senator. The misinformation in every state, city, and town runs with that theme and if someone wants to emphasize something then it's the "new laws" of the FDA, CDC, DEA, NRA, PTA, FBI, IRS etc and you MUST comply for fear of pain and suffering for either not getting appropriate health care or getting it then being taken off of it cold turkey because you broke what ever law of the moment is your painful contract that your committee decided was just right for the chronic disabled, elderly, mentally retarded, potus pain parities, and Fatal Fatigue Syndrome crowds who-from provider mediated pharmacies, that aren't double certified with a pink bow on top of the building to prove compliance by the local PTA! You got that right. It made no sense. Get my drift here?

That's what we are dealing with people. The truth according to me, a person that keeps lots of truth with him is that: OK the next part really is true: previous paragraphs though, sadly are more true than a joke. Find some real news and be smart. Never be political or you'll be lost right away. China has been exporting to the USA tons upon tons of killer synthetic opioid s such as fentanyl and it's super-hyper potent analogues. Law enforcement is just now getting the correct machines to check for this when people so called overdose from stealing grandma's darvocet's. Hey, she saves everything. (we can either sit down and cry or try to have a laugh at the insanity) or whatever way they can tie it to law abiding people in pain and begin with them and torture them and pump up the suicide statistics to balance the overdoses. When it's said and done I predict there's been an actual true reduction in true overdoses with prescribed meds. Prescribed meds are a targeted side show charade-not the cause of rise in OD's. Prescriptions have been reduced by the millions and opioid OD's still rise! It's a major USA security catastrophe nobody's identifying from China. It's imported -- Fentanyl powder and analogs that are being found in all street drugs. Just having it on some susceptible peoples skin can kill them right away. People are not classifying, and identifying the causes and the effects correctly.

This results in other unrelated groups being seriously effected. Notice the confusion in the previous posts. Now, there is a glimmer of hope. The less hysterical anti-opioidphobes are organizing. Statistics are finally being analyzed where bits of truth by chance slip into influential minds. Lawmakers are finally working together for once and standards are being set for everyone. It's going to take another 5-10 years to get most of the truth out but it's happening. One thing that may delay this will be the mountains of backlash-class action lawsuits that will rise en-masse from people that have been flatly abused, cut off, blamed and downright assaulted and battered by providers that have no clue what ethics are. It's a no no to require a pain contract and hold certain threat of pain over someones head so they sign it to get pain relief for God's sake! It's a no no to then cause assault and battery to another human being by ripping up the USA constitution with bodily U/A's, search and seizure, and thinking it's just dandy to stop people cold turkey from ultra high dose opioids they've been taking 20 years because-fill in the reasons-I've done enough here.

This generation of providers have an empathy and compassion and reality deficit because they grew up on faceboob, playing games on ipads instead normal human interaction. Almost done. But, another bright hope we think we can do soon is dial in some empathy into the cost saving medical robots. A robot Med-ATM can replace a clinic. Call your representatives to be sure we get some caring built into those machines if you recall what that is. That's what's happening here in 2018. Replace the un-responsible, unethical providers and policy makers and big money influences that don't know common things like its not good to give, cause, worsen, abandon, stop-hurt people in pain in the name of the wrong reason for an epidemic. Mostly, patient abandonment and i'ts gawd awful repercussions when nobody else gives a flying ..too about your pain. Addict anyway. It's OK if they have pain. Right? Oh, writing this dropped me down to a 7.

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Roro Says:
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well heres the hook said they did not work ..... yes he took them .... can they yes if you let them .... catch 22 ... they are yours yes..... but they will not rewrite a new pain narc script if you still have script meds narcotic avaliable ..... so their rebuttle will be .... ok keep your meds see me when script scheduled to be depleted and i will write you another one ...... thing is will it be for same med or a new one
...... you can call dea if ya want .... & maybe you should & you can call your insurance if you have it .... & ... maybe you should but if thats your plan find new dr first & be ready for pain in the but treatment ....... is it right? ..... does it matter? ...... just say n

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Optimistic Says:
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I guess you could have declined the new script and kept the pills, but I would bet he wouldn’t give you new pills to add to your old pills.
I’ve brought meds to the doctor before for an “exchange” like that. They always put water in the bottle, close it, shake it, & throw it in the trash in front of me.
It’s super sketchy if the doctor just put them in his drawer.

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Deedee Says:
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Years ago the same thing happened to me and after talking to several of his patients he was doing this all the time. Come to find out, he was the junkie and that was the way he got his drugs!!! He ended up being sued for botching a spine surgery for 4 million. A well known neurosurgeon who I heard has been practicing in Florida!! Makes me sick!! I will never return any meds unless it may be a sample the office gave me, but if you pay for the rx, they have NO more right than someone on the street to ask for your meds..

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Gigi Says:

YES He can if he is giving You another prescription; he has to be accountable for giving You these narcotics so they or Pharmacy can take previous med that was written BEFORE giving YOU the replacing meds

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Optimistic Says:
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Re: stacey (# 24)

They don’t have to write you a new prescription ever, ESPECIALLY if you have some left. They’re not going to let you stockpile a bunch of opiates. That’s how they end up on the street.

There’s probably no law Stacy because THEY DON’T HAVE TO PRESCRIBE ANY OPIATES EVER. So if you want new meds early because your old meds don’t work, then yes, he can tell you he’s not giving you anything early if you want to keep what you have. If they don’t work for you, and you call the DEA to complain you paid for them, they’re going to ask you wtf you were planning to do with them if you kept them since they don’t work. Seriously?? Were you planning on selling them to make your money back because that’s what you sound like when you keep saying you paid for them and you don’t take them because they don’t work.

I just left two bottles of sleeping pills with my pain management doctor because they don’t work and I don’t want them. I could have thrown them in the drug disposal box at the pd, but i wanted him to know I didn’t take them since I use my medical cannabis to sleep since the meds he wanted me to try don’t work.

He had someone come in with a paper that we both signed that said what they were destroying. I made sure he wasn’t dumping them in the toilet because I don’t want the water supply contaminated. But I like that he had us sign papers.

I saw a pain management guy 15 years ago who would just lock returned meds in a cabinet at work and he would use them as “samples” when he wanted to switch someone, or if they had breakthrough pain and insurance wouldn’t let them fill.

Totally sketchy and probably really illegal, but that was back when the “crisis” was just starting.

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House Jr Says:

Re: WillChillRNMS (# 27)

Oh nonsense!! This thread started 7 years ago before any crisis had been started.

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Gigi Says:

Re: HOUSE (# 10)

Actually, YES it is LEGAL and TYPICAL if You are trying to get another narcotic; they have to be accountable for the drugs they prescribe

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Michelle Says:

The short answer is NO! If you demand the drugs back, you will be told they were destroyed. I'd suggest that you make the demand anyway and do so in writing. CC his employer. They will support the doc, but what you need is documentation. I would also send the demand - return receipt requested. It costs a bit more than a stamp, but again, you need to create a record. Once you have been denied your medication, you can sue in Small Claims Court. You do not need a lawyer for this. I would also file complaints with State and Federal HHS departments Also do include your county. Lastly, please begin looking for different provider.

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Optimistic Says:
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Re: Michelle (# 35)

Hahaha yeah I guess if you don’t want this doctor to ever treat you again.
But why go through all that for a controlled substance they claimed they weren’t going to take.

This person is going to make themselves look like a drug seeker/dealer.

A doctor doesn’t have to treat you. Go ahead and try to get them in trouble for not wanting to contribute to drug diversion and see how much help you get in the future.

Ask yourself why you want your pills back if they didn’t work. Maybe send the receipt and ask for your $ back, but demanding drugs you said you didn’t want makes you look like a criminal.

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Speedy Says:

Re: David (# 1)

The Dr. should have told you of his intentions. I've done this with my pain management DR. a few times and then writes me a new stronger med. He doesn't want you to have both as you might take together and od.

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Jdsj Says:
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Re: Jenifer (# 11)

I’m sure he was stocking up on benzos cause when you run out it sucks. So he was being smart (not law smart or legally smart) but if he wanted to save half a bottle in case he ran out of xanax too quickly, he could take the ativan to replace it, and if they drug test it just shows up for benzos. BOOM

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Marjorieson Says:
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Re: antman (# 15)

I’m sure any legitimate pain specialist has a check system for the meds taken back. I have never had them ask me to turn in any meds when he changed my RX. Really it wouldn’t be enough to do much harm....

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Denise Says:
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I believe your doctor is an addict. I would report him to the AMA.

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