My Dr Took My Bottle Of Pills From Me And Wrote A Prescription For Another Pain Med

terriba Says:

I saw my Dr. yesterday and called him because I was still in pain. He told me to come back and to bring the bottle of medication with me. He took the bottle of pain pills that I had paid for and wrote me a script for a different medication. Can a Dr. actually take someone's pills away from them like that?

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David Says:

If you didn't give the doctor permission to take them then no, he should not have done that. That's your money he just took and now he's essentially making you pay more money for a new script.

Unless you get the new medication paid for by the doctors office then I personally see that as being unethical and would certainly be complaining if it had happened to me.

Have you been able to fill your prescription yet?

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terriba Says:

Yes I was able to fill the new script as it was for a diferent medicine. But I too thought that I had paid for the pills he took so he should have paid for my new ones. He also did this to someone that I know so I am now wondering how many of his patients has he done this too and is it ethical and legal for him to do? I wonder what he does with the pills that he takes from his patients?

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EDDY Says:

Before I almost died from my Xanax to Ativan switch, I asked my Doctor who was moving to Florida to give me Xanax. He argued with me and said why did you fill the Ativan if they didn't work? I was asked to bring them to him. For some reason I said no, although I lived a block away. A few month later I wound up in the ER and a week in the Hospital. I was soooo tired of asking for pills I decided to stop it all.

What a mistake!

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rosa211 Says:

Is the little round green pill with TEVA 833 on it similar to Xanax? I am just newly starting on the green TEVA pill and friends been bugging me for my pills because they say they are pretty much Xanax???

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EDDY Says:

Congratulations about just starting Klonopin. By giving your friends any of your medicine you will have committed a FELONY. Besides then you wont have enough for you and possibly suffer serious withdrawal or death.

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That guy Says:

That's highly unusual considering the similarities of the two drugs, but hey, who would think someone in a forum would exaggerate. Me personally, give me 4mg of lorazepam, two redbulls, and 10mg percocet.

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Judith Says:

I don't believe he had any right to do that. You can file a complaint with his licensing agency with the state. That takes time to resolve. You could write him a letter and ask him to return or to reimburse you the money you spent. Putting things in writing are always more effective than a phone call.

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no, NO doctor, or pretty much ANYBODY can legally take your prescription meds!!!

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Gunner Locknload Says:

It is typical for doctors here to take your remaining old script and count then destroy them before writing another medication. From what I understand it's the law. Pharmacies won't even fill a new script if it is not written by the same doctor as the former script for the same reason. The state or Feds are quick to pull licenses. Opium should still be sold in liquid form.

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sorry Gunner, but no, it IS NOT " typical " at all, for ANY "DR." to take any medicine! I have seen a multitude of health care professionals from nurses to top specialist and NOT ONE ever asked for any of my medications regardless of the reason.

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Jenifer Says:

I know when my mom passed away at home the hospice nurse took all my mothers medications even though the nurse did not bring them and was only there 8 hours a days so family members were also giving her medication to her. I just happen that my mom died while the hospice nurse was there. None of the medications were addictive but they did cost about $500.00 a month. Today doctors who prescribe pain medication are required to get the medication that is being switched from the patient before prescribing the new medication. The original poster complained that the doctor should have not taken the medication that he stated was not working for him. If the medication was not working then why would have a problem with handing it over since it was no use to you. You certainly cannot give the medication to someone or sell it unless you want to break the law. So what were you planning to do with the medications? Why should the doctor pay for your new medication. You are the one who asked for it to be changed because it was not working for you In the past a doctor may not have asked for the pills back that were not working. But the laws has changed and the doctor has to be able to account for every prescription he write like never before. Next time when a doctor try's you on a new pain medication ask if you can just get a few days or a week's worth to make sure it will help you before getting and paying for a whole month worth.

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Wired68 Says:

It's required by law for the dr. to destroy the previous pain medication before writing a script for another.

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Wired Says:

You don't have to give your meds to the dr. But know that when it comes to narcotics, if you DONT give up your previous meds he will not be able to give you another script. That is law. So it's up to you. Continue to take the meds that aren't helping until they're gone, or turn them over and get a new script.

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Wired Says:

This is NOT True. By law any prescription for narcotics that is being changed requires the dr. destroy all the old medication before writing a new script. I know this for fact as I myself have had to hand over all unused medication to be destroyed before getting a new script. Then I had to sign a document stating I turned over x number of pills.

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antman Says:

Hey if u want higher pills milligram wise who cares what he does he's the doc make him happy so I keep getting whatever u want from him maybe the docs in pain and he needs em remember docs can't write they own scripts let it go they went to good use

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imrich Says:

LOL antman. I am LMAO right now and just like to thank you for that priceless response re:"my Dr wrote me a new script for stronger narcotics after I reported the initial script he wrote didn't help my pain. But he confiscated the pills I PAID for already! Can he DO that?". Well maybe I didn't quote word for word but it shows the gist of the "question". OMG. HAHAHAHAHA.

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timster Says:

Is it right for a doc to send your U/A two thousand miles away, but refuse to use a local place to check for drugs?

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@ timster...i dunno, but your right, they do it all the time...not sure why this is either??who the hell knows nowadays...too many rules, not enough REAL docs...

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timster Says:

I had the same thing happen to me, in fact the doc said if the medicine didn't work to bring it back. He told me he had patients who could not afford certain medicines, and he would give it to them. While it made sense, I would say, it would b illegal for him . With that said, it is legal to ask for the medicine back, however the medicine should b destroyed in front of you. The fear of a lot of doctors that your going to sell, or trade, or give it to someone else. Sorry to say this, but the doc, has to be careful for his own livelihood!

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

Even with my kid patients (ADD/ADDH), I never asked parents to bring bites unless I was completely at see regarding the meds and the kid was a new patient. post parents can COPY with reasonable verisimilitude!

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