My Doctor Put On Vitamin D2 1.25 50,000mg Units Today

terri with a smile Says:

Does it work immediately after you take it or does it take time to work into your blood stream, because I have stomach problems.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Terri! How are you?

What are you taking it for? And what formulation is it, tablet or liquid?

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Ann Says:

I just had a complete blood work up and my internist said I need to take vitamin D2, 50,000 units once a week for 2 months. I don't take vitamins as they make me feel sick. I am afraid to take these for fear of side affects. Can anyone please tell me if they had any side affects from this dose? I rather take a lower dose every day and stop if I got any side affect. Thank you.

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Kerri Knox, RN Says:

Since you have problems with vitamins, I'd recommend NOT taking this prescription of high dose Vitamin D once a week, but going the health food store and getting Vitamin D3 (emphasis on the 'THREE', just ask them at the health food store), in tablets of 1000 IU's or 2000 IU's and starting at a low dose of 1000 IU's once a DAY, taking it with your main meal, and making sure that your meal includes some fat.

If you can tolerate that over a few days without any problems, then increase your dose to 2000 IU's a day. Increase your dose up to the dose that you can tolerate, or up to 7000 IU's per day (the dose that your prescription was written for).

Also, please see my page on Vitamin D Side Effects to see the REASONS why you might have problems taking Vitamin d and how to solve these problems. It often indicates other nutrient deficiencies.


Kerri Knox, RN
San Francisco, CA, United States

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Cathy Says:

I have been on same Rx, same strength for 5 weeks now. I have not experienced any of the listed Side Effects, other than 1,,that is sore Bones - Muscles. Good luck

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