My Daughter Ages 23 Has Been Prescribed Clonotril 0.5 Mg Sos For Last 4 Days .

deepali Says:

She joined a renowned company in south india after our forcing her. Where she did not want to go. Now 4 months have passed. She could not leave job before one year i.e. dec, 2014, as a company's bond. Since four days she is behaving somewhat abnormal, like feeling pain in head, repeating same sentence again and again. Every times says My life has been spoiled. I am gone.... I will die . She hold our hands / clothes tightly while repeating sentences. She feels insecure every time. Somebody has suggested us to go to one doctor in janakpuri, new delhi. He prescribed Clonotril 0.5 mg SOS. But after taking this she feels HIGH. behaves somewhat abnormal. She says , this medicine will spoil me I will die if I take this medicine. Kindly suggest me whether she will be all right. and please suggest some good doctor also in delhi, india itself.

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