My Modafinil Prescription Is Not Affordable And Now I Have To Detox From It

Candy Says:

I had been ordering Modafinil with the permission of my Psychiatrist for 5 years with no problem from 3 different overseas pharmacies. Last week I got a letter from U.S. Customs telling me they seized the most recent package, and I would be fined and federally prosecuted if I was caught doing it again. Now I have to go off of it. I have two weeks left. I heard the detox is terrible but my doctor said to just stop it. I have no choice. I have no where to get it. So I am advising one thing and asking one question: Please don't think you can't get caught buying drugs overseas! Be careful and think it through. I was lucky with just a warning! My question is has anyone ever detoxed off of 200 mgs. Modafinil twice a day, and what was it like?

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David Says:

Nobody thinks they're going to get caught when they order prescriptions from overseas... but the thing is, a lot of these illegal pharmacies are probably also under frequent surveillance by the Feds working closely with US Customs, whereas they can easily determine who's placing orders, where products are being shipped to, and may just choose to take action at their own discretion. I don't believe it's worth the risk myself, and for those of you who are battling a serious condition, how do you not have money for a doctor when you can afford to take a serious risk purchasing drugs on the internet (knowing that it may not even make it to it's destination)? It's almost like you're gambling with your well-being.

Regarding detoxing off Modafinil, it sounds like your best bet would also be to work with your doctor on a tapering schedule in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Hope this helps!

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Candy Says:

The Modafinil isn't available in the U.S. Nuvigil and Provigil are and they are from $800-$1,000 per 30 pills. Buying them overseas, you can get from 200-300 pills for between $240-$375. I have treatment resistant depression with a history of suicide attempts. I have been on so many combination of medications I can't count in the last 20 years, then I had Electro Shock Therapy Treatments and I had the Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted in my neck to send waves to my brain. Nothing helped. That is why my Doctor and I figured it was worth the risk. Now I am going to start Ritalin in 5 days. I am scared to death of that too!

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IlikeBeer Says:

This is an old post but. Why not just get a prescription for modafinil? As far as I knew there were no withdraw symptoms... also you could just legally order adrafinil I believe it is called... it gets turned into modafinil in the liver

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Roy Says:

IlikeBeer, I think at the time they wrote their post they were saying that they do have a prescription for the modafinil but that the affordable / generic for the drug is / was not available in the USA at the time and it was cost prohibitive for them.

Candy - I now see a number of manufacturers listed when I look the drug name up in this NDC database at /NDC/?DrugFull=Modafinil, meaning that generic modafinil IS available in the United States. I then ran a price lookup for 30 x Modafinil 200 mg to see if this site's RX Discount Card might offer a savings on the drug. Regularly that prescription is listed at $1018.91 but with the free discount it is $484.34 (or 52% off). I hope this may help because it is still more expensive than going overseas but has certainly come down in price over the years. Best of luck!

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Jeff Says:

When was Provigil outlawed in the US?? I had no idea, and I'm an Addiction Counselor that works primarily with Opioid addiction, and also a Chattanooga/Hamilton County Bail Agent. That's crazy I've heard nothing about it, but I know coming off of it WILL be NOTHING like coming off of Opioids...I know it was a Schedule 4 Stimulant...and I can already tell your fear is going to make the detox 5 times worse. Just keep your head up, the detox off this won't be bad at all.

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Penny Says:

I did not know it was illegal to orders meds from overseas. What about Mexico and Canada?

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BigPharmaMessingWithOurMeds Says:

Jeff, Provigil is not outlawed in the USA. I don't know why you were under the assumption that it has been outlawed. What ever gave you that idea?

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WillChillRNMS Says:

Hello, it is not a drug that you need to worry about withdrawal or a detox. Thankfully this is a good medication but people can abuse anything and think it's a "smart drug" or something. If you think you are having withdrawals then you have a reverse placebo effect. I suggest to try meditation and hypnosis. The later with or without AR glasses is proving to be quite helpful with these mind game causing medication and scenarios people assign to their meds. There's almost a syndrome of paranoia regarding generics vs brand name. Again, sort of a mind f*** with that where relaxation and refocus can go a long way. Good luck.

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cliff j Says:

I have taken Modafinil 200mg twice a day since 2014. It is a non-addictive substance (allegedly). I missed my dosage for a few days here and there and I have never noticed an issue. After having to go through 2 sleep studies I was prescribed Modafinil. I was offered what my Pulmonologist referred to as an "adrenalin" drug first. I was unfamiliar with the term and he told me what it was and I asked for other options. That is how I got my Modafinil. It is described as "non-addictive" but I guess there are two different types of addiction--physical addiction (like opiates) and mental addiction (like Modafinil). A person may have some mental addiction from taking the same pill over and over again but you should not suffer from withdrawal-like one would on opiates. WHY were you ordering your pills overseas? I understand it is cheaper but the manufacture of the pills is not controlled. A Psychiatrist is allowed to prescribe medications or at least they can refer you to a Doctor that can. There are also programs that will sharply reduce the retail price.

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cliff j Says:

Re: Penny (# 6) Expand Referenced Message
It all depends on what you are ordering. If you are ordering what would be considered a controlled substance in the United States then you will have a problem. When you try to go around the laws OR just save money there could be a problem. I ordered a supplement that was made in England and I did not like it. There were several reasons that I did not like it but the substance did not need a prescription in the United States.

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Gigi Says:

I was on Modifinil and Prof ( excuse spelling) for years, and had to stop cold turkey; I did not have any issues, if you had valid prescription from liscensed MD you should not have had any legal issues ordering from a pharmacy overseasa

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cliff j Says:

Re: Candy (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Generics of BOTH Provigil and Nuvigil is available in the United States. Provigil is generically called Modafanil. Nuvigil is called Armodafanil. The Provigil/Modafanil comes in up to 200 mgs size pills. The Nuvigil/Armodafanil comes in up to 250mg size pills. These are available IF YOU QUALIFY. I was offered what my Pulmonologist referred to as “adrenaline drugs”. I was unfamiliar with the term and was told that it was basically Pharmaceutical speed. I asked for another alternative and was told about Modafanil but my insurance company required all kinds of tests before they would approve the medication. I said let’s get started with the tests which included two overnight sleep studies. Anyway I qualified and was approved to receive the medication. It is a class four medication and one of the things that I liked about it was it was said to be a non-addictive medication. For me it has been non addictive. I have went as long as two weeks without taking any of the medication. There is also “emotional addiction” that affects some. Once you take a certain medication for a long time one may become “addicted” to taking it but it truly has no physical addiction, like heroin for example, for most users.

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cliff j Says:

Re: Jeff (# 5) Expand Referenced Message
Provigil/ Modafanil is NOT outlawed in the United States.

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Gigi Says:

Re: IlikeBeer (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Not same at all! YOU are talking about a drug for OCD

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Bill Says:

Where do you fill your meds rx? On the internet?

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Gigi Says:

Re: cliff j (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

WoW, heroin has no physical addiction!? Do not know where you received your medical degree--- You are so wrong. One can die from the withdraws of heroin. Maybe I misunderstood you....

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cliff j Says:

Re: Gigi (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Please reread the post. NOWHERE does it say that heroin is NOT addictive. It says Modafinil is not addictive. This post is about withdrawing from MODAFINIL. It is a Schedule 4 NON-ADDICTIVE drug.

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KiKiSmith Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

There are many Canadian pharmacies which are licensed and legitimate - I learned from several doctors who do the same.

Keep in mind that to heal a serious SIBO Infection, the antibiotics cost $3,000 in the US.

My husband goes to Italy often, and he got it for 8 euros!!! The real deal.

And so are many more medications in Europe.

So! I think the pharmaceuticals in this country are greedy.

Many doctors are happy to prescribe Aderall but it's very controlled. Even overly prescribed.

In Europe if you mention the name Ritalin, they react as if it were cocaine. It can be embarrassing, too.

So, that’s the real problem. If you feel dependent on Provigil, it might be a softer withdrawal by buying the brand name for tapering.

Personally, I never felt anything negative stopping Provigil, but I do when I go off Ritalin.

I hope you find a solution soon. I have severe narcolepsy as well.

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w johnson Says:

I have "detoxed" from Modafanil 200mg twice a day. It was no big deal TO ME. It is a class 4 medication that had little addiction properties. Like I stated earlier "detoxing" from this medication was no big deal FOR ME.

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Clara Says:


This may be a silly question but why don’t you just have your psychiatrist write you a prescription for it and get it filled in the United States? I believe it’s available as a generic.

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