My Doctor Gives Up On Me Also I Am Too Complexwith Severe Vertigo Lightheaded Ect

karen Says:

i been suffering for yrs, with vertigo, many test, many drs. many things. now they give up.... i get night sweats any movement makes me lose control of equalibrium when i stand up i get headache an loss of balance an stiffness in spine ...lightheaded vision problems, weak legs, stiff neck, severe tension in shoulders. like when i failed a tilt table test yrs ago,,,same problems

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Verwon Says:

What types of doctors have you seen and what other types of tests have they performed?

Have you had your hormone levels checked?

There are a couple of other possibilities for what may be causing it, but the night sweats with the other symptoms might mean that's it due to some type of hormonal imbalance. Many women can experience similar things, if they are suffering from PCOS, perimenopause or full menopause.

Learn more hormone details here.

Another possibility would be orthostatic hypotension, I've experienced that myself from dehydration and it's well known to cause very similar symptoms, especially if someone stands up too fast.

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karen Says:

yes i am at the point where i believe it is homonal,,, dizzy every day.. ect.. but i cannot tolerate anything. i appreciate your comments ,,,,i have been like this since 2002 it is now 2013 almost. hot flashes chronic.... many symptoms ...have not been out of my neighborhood for 12 yrs. off balance chronic.. i am post almost 2 yrs. now...when will this end...any comments welcome...

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