Multiple Sclerosis And Oxycodone

Link Says:

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008. Over the years my nerve pain has gotten a lot worse. The pain has gotten so bad that it's ruining my life. I cant walk due to my legs not working correctly and experiencing a loss of all balance. I have pain everywhere but it's the worst in my feet. My Dr. has me on 10 mg oxycodone for about 5 years now. I was on percocet prior but I worried about my liver with all the acetaminophen. My problem is I'm not sure if I have built a tolerance or if I should be taking more at a time but it's not doing much for me. My pain never goes away. The pills slightly take the edge off for about an hour. That's it! I have tried 3 different types and strengths of pain patches and they didn't do anything. I tried morphine with the same results. I even went to a pain specialist who took me off oxycodone and put me on methadone and gabapentin. I had to stop those after one dose because I was in so much pain and wondering why, so I called that dr. and he said it takes a couple weeks to work. There's no way I can miss any pain med dosage. Let alone a couple weeks. Can anyone steer me in a direction to help me not be in misery all day? Thanks for your time.

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crsw Says:

I am a hospice patient and i understand the pain level that some are in even though they have a different dx as yourself , the dr is correct when he said it takes a couple of weeks for a different pain med to work , remember you are changing your whole pain rx to something your body has never had . Each person is different in how long a drug gets in their system to relieve pain , so maybe take plain tylenol with your med for temp relief , you will need to wait and give the new meds a chance to work

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Chaos Says:

You might be a p450 rapid metabilizer, it's a test. idk what insurance covers it. I've tried all of the above meds and morphine works for me, methadone works really well. So you might be metabolizing these medicines so fast that's why you are only getting an hour of relied.
Good luck to you, there are times when my pain gets so severe that after I've taken meds, a bit bath or use tens machine, that nothing helps, but this is only during a flare.90% of time my meds work

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Don Says:

I have been this rte in chronic pain for 25 yrs i started off low at 7.5 x 4 per day hydrocodone. As yrs went on my joints got worse from a inherited blood disorder high iron. i went from 30mg a day to a whopping 240 mg a day of morphine oxycodone, etc. I finally had to detox for a month. Then go without opiate meds for 6 months to retrain the BRAIN ...

Now i cant belive i did this and it worked. I now am starting back at 60mg per day of oxycodone 15mg x 4 day. Your brain like everyone else's, becomes TOLERANT of the current dose of medicine you take. So detox is the only way to overcome the tolerance then start over. You may also try nerve block injections in trouble areas along with your meds. they do work if you let them.

I have been to the greatest pain clinics in the United States. After being in chronic pain 25 years i have learned a lot about pain relief and management.


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Eric Says:

I also have MS and can completely understand the issues you're having with pain. For me it took several years and several pain specialists to find which medications work best for me and at what doses. What you really need to do first is to make an appointment with a pain clinic, not your regular doctor. Google "pain clinic" along with the city and state name to find ones that are near you (for example put in quotations: "Columbus Ohio Pain Clinic" and replace the city and state I put there with your own city and state). Some pain clinics require a doctor's referral, but some do not. They will require copies of your medical records however and so you will need to work with your regular doctor for all of that. The reason you need to go to a pain clinic is because federal regulations prevent primary care doctors and general practitioners from prescribing stronger pain medications, they can only be gotten through a pain clinic doctor. The dose of oxycodone that your doctor prescribed is much too low for someone with MS. Once you get in with the pain clinic you can discuss which medications will work best.

For me they first started me on 15mg of oxycodone three times a day. Along with that they prescribed a drug called Lyrica which works very well for nerve pain. Some people experience side effects with Lyrica, but not all do. For me it made my ankles swell up, but as I said not everyone experiences that side effect because it's based entirely on a person's genetics and what other meds they might be taking. Gabapentin is a drug which is similar to Lyrica, but Gabapentin has a very common side effect of making a person feel like a zombie and very groggy. It does work for the nerve pain, but the grogginess and zombie feeling can be too much for some people to put up with. But if you can get a pain clinic to start you on Lyrica and Oxycodone 10mg three times a day then you will have a lot of relief lasting all day. But until you can get in to a pain clinic (which sometimes can take several weeks just to get your first appointment) there are some things you can do to help alleviate some of the pain now by combining it with your daily dose of 10mg Oxycodone. Aleve works much better for nerve pain than acetaminophen. You can simply buy the generic store brand version because it's cheaper. It'll be under the name of "Naproxen Sodium". That pain killer doesn't affect the liver like acetaminophen does. Another thing to add is Ginger root. Go to your health food store, or go to one online, and look for capsules of Ginger root. Make sure it's from a natural source. It is an amazing remedy for nerve pain. So in summary, make an appointment for a pain clinic to get on Lyrica and 10mg Oxycodone both three times a day. Until then, take the over the counter pain killer Naproxen and add a ginger root capsule. You might also be able to cut your 10mg pill in half and take 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the afternoon along with a Naproxen and a ginger root capsule. (Morning: 5mg Oxycodone, one Naproxen, one ginger root. Afternoon: 5mg Oxycodone, one Naproxen, one ginger root. Bedtime: One Naproxen and one ginger root). You can be inventive and experiment a little to see what works best for you. Be sure to talk to your pain doctor about what other things you've tried and whether or not they work. Let me know if I can be of any further help.

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SLS Says:

I read your post and am positive you need an increase in your meds. Ask your doc for higher dose extended release medication and also add on an instant release tablet for breakthrough pain. You have developed a tolerance for the 10mg and it's just not working for you anymore. Your doctor should know this. Maybe, you should see a Pain Management doctor. Good luck!

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Lucky Cat Liz Says:

Oh crap! I so forgot the YouTube connect you need to see. The woman had MS and found a way out of the madness through natural methods. I may have seen it through Dr Mercola's blog. She recovered. She got there. Was it an exception? I don't know. All I can say is - search and ask. There is hope. Stay open. Much love, Lucky Cat Liz

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Don Says:

The first person that answered your question was correct.The fifth answer is definitely incorrect and some of the worst advice I have ever heard.. Opioid/opiate medications are immediate acting unless they are time release formula's..Immediate meaning a few minutes of course..As the first person stated it's standard protocol to have a time release and an immediate release formula for chronic pain..

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crsw Says:

Unfortunately once you have been on all the pain meds for a long time and everything seems to stop working and the md prescribes methadone and that is not working options are running out , as i mentioned i am a hospice patient and retired nurse and all i have for pain is ultram 50 mg every 4 hours , i am in end stage heart failure , lung disease ,( never a smoker ) and diabetes , i feel pain every day and sometimes severe pain level 9 , i never say 10 because to me 10 is dead or wishing to sleep , every person is different with their amount of pain that they can stand , my muscles absolutely kill me not getting oxygenated blood thru my body including major organs , i am swollen like a water balloon but i chose to be alert and feel some pain , i have come to terms i will never be pain free in this life , i do take tylenol with my ultram every 4 hours because my insurance will not pay for ultracet , i wish you the best in your pain control

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FallenAngel747 Says:

10 mg of oxcodone is a small dose You are correct about Tylenol ( paracetamol) but opiates should kill pain, I would need to know the doses as opiates (and opioids) ... increase pain sensitivity when blood plasma levels are low. Addiction comes second to quality of life. I ( being very badly injured ) study medications, mechanisms of action and effects. But opiates at the correct dose kill pain and I have not heard of a sensitivity case yet. I have a suggestion. Put aside any stigma..... medicinal cannabis ( cannabis grown with the main phsycoactive substance THC bred out. The CBD ( pain relieving and anxiety relieving chemical is left intact. There is much scientific research just starting to develop on the many therapeutic benefits of this substance. I know..... my previous proscribed drugs, Fentynal, Oramorph, Physeptone (methadone) Oxycontin ( long release supposed to last 12 hours but lasted 7 with me and scientific studies back this up) also Oxycontin or Oxycodone is synthesised from the poison part of the opium poppy (thebain) and withdrawals come quick and nasty. I myself persuaded the doctor to put me on dihydrocodeine, effective but since 2 days ago I started using CBD.... it comes in a vapiing solution, my dihydrocodeine intake is down by 2 thirds with no discomfort. I think you will see by my narrative you will struggle to find a better answer. I wish you well.

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Have you ever looked into an implanted TENS or implanted pain pump that delivers pain medication right to the spine where the pain impulses are sent from the other parts of body to brain. Without the pain impulses reaching the brain, one either has significant pain relief or has more of a numbness were pain used to be. I have had a pain pump since 2006 due to damaged nerves from a car crash. I have arthritis in spine as well. Let me know if you want to find a pain specialist that will do this for you.

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MJ Says:

For real try medical cannabis go to a dispensery and get something specific for your symptoms I am sure you are not going to regret it.

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Mark Says:

Link since you have a pain condition close to mine. You have MS and I have an epidural abcess from 28 years ago with scar tissue rubbing on the dural sac and nerve bundles at 3 levels. I can definitely say that you're on an extremely low amount of narcotic analgesics for the type of nerve irritation that you have to be experiencing. You should be on some type of long acting time release formula. Like Oxycontin, Opana or Exalgo. Your MS is only going to get worse which in turn will cause even more nerve irritation. The amount of narcotic analgesics you should be on is what it takes so you can tolerate the pain, so you can have some type of life outside of being bed ridden.
It sounds like you need to find a good pain management doctor who will work with you and that is not afraid to do the right think when it comes to your personal pain situation. Not everyone perceives pain the same nor do the same amount of analgesics work the same for all.
Good luck finding adequate pain relief, so you can tolerate your personal pain situation.

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Eric Says:

I would be careful with Methadone. It is a synthetic opiate (not a real opiate, but acts like one) but it has many unpleasant and potentially fatal side effects which is why people who are on Methadone for long periods of time require regular medical examinations to ensure you don't develop a hearth rhythm disorder. 10mg of Oxycodone once a day is a very small dosage, and because a person can develop a tolerance to opiates the dosages need to be slowly increased over a period of months. However, there are alternatives for opiates which can work depending on the person. One other person on here mentioned a TENS unit which is useful if you have some kind of central nerve damage or disorder of the spine. For MS which often affects the entire body a TENS unit might not work. Another person mentioned a nerve blocker and that will have similar results because it will only work on particular areas as opposed to the entire body. Your best bet is a combination of a low dose opiate given three times a day and Lyrica which is not an opiate. It works very well for whole body nerve pain which many people with MS experience. Another comment mentions combining a fast acting opiate with a slow acting "buffered" opiate and that treatment protocol does work for chronic pain. However it increases the chances of developing a strong opiate tolerance and will make it necessary to increase the dose once every year or two. The better option for most people is low dose opiates with something like Lyrica or Gabapentin and an occasional Naproxen. This is what is known as "combination therapy" and is proven to work.

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Laura Says:

I to have ms. Got the diagnosis in 2015 my feet hurts the worst to i was on lyrica and gabapentin.what the dr.won't tell you is all that medication has side effects. The gab.will cause your feet and legs arms your whole body to swell. And gain weight which is really fluid. I stay in pain all the time but i quit taking those med. I now can walk better but have pain.the side effects are just as bad as the pain. I hope you feel better soon.

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Alano Says:

Try researching CBD oil via vape pen.

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FallenAngel747 Says:

I can never imagine how you feel or find anything to say that would assuage the torture you find yourself in. Although my mother died of cancer and medication was used to end suffering quickly (as in 5 minutes) you are a very brave person, I myself would be introducing a large amount of diamorpine and sodium Pentothal (or Amytal) into my veins and ave many the duty of caring for me. I hope you find your peace my friend

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FallenAngel747 Says:

I already wrote but examined options for you, these are backed up by some of the top professionals in their field.... I will write shortly on the safe options given, please allow me 3 hours.

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Sherrie Says:

Have you tried suboxone? I was on 120mg of morphine and other meds. Then switched to oxycontin @ the same dose. I was on it for yrs. But was having bad side effects, so I was switched to suboxone. Mind you, you have too go through withdrawals for a night, which sucks. But the suboxone you take the next day and works right away. Its a tab that u put under your tongue for quick delivery. I find im more alert but my pain has come back. I take cymbalta, clonazepam which is for anxiety and pain. But for pain you can go to a pain clinic and request lidocaine infusions, which is a freezing, that you get done by intravenous administration. I was to start treatments but again other health problems arose and I havent been able to get treatment yet. But it is suppose to work for around 6 wks. Then you go back for another treatment. I have heard that it has lasted longer in some people. Hope this helps. Its unfortunate that we always have to go through the medication route, which works for awhile then our bodies tend to get use to the doses, then you have to go on higher doses or change meds. Wish there were a better, permanent treatment. Feel free to write me back anytime.

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ISE Says:

Ok, first I will go into the RX suggestion which is Oxycodone is available without acetaminophen and it is not Oxytocin. The thing I would suggest is cannabis oil or CBD oil. That does not have THC in it so you will NOT feel high. I have a friend with MS and she swears by it. Go to the website Charlotte's Web and make sure you get it without THC.

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Becky Says:

Hi ! I too have a chronic pain condition and have suffered for the last 4 years. I hurt literally from head to toe. Chronic pain is one of the worst things someone can go through and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Their is no light at the end of the tunnel.
However, their are alternative treatments that I am currently finding that do work! I have been on super high doses of narcotics and have dropped my dose by half in the last 9 months with the unlimited goal to get off all long acting narcotics. Don't go the long acting route. What Drs don't tell you is that your pain receptors basically drowned in opiates which caused them to fire more causing more pain. So you keep going up and up on opiates when you physically become more and more debilitated. I am speaking from experience. I thought people who were getting off opiates were crazy not that long ago but I understand so much more now.
I am seeing a fantastic Chiropractor who really knows what he is doing and has opened up my spine and nerve pathways therefore decreasing my pain and increasing my activity. Going to him has been one of the best things I have done. Be careful who you go to because some are out there for money and not actual treatment. My chiropractor treats his patients like he is a real MD. He documents everything. If you don't feel one you go to is doing all they can then find a new one. My chiro says you shouldn't need to see a chiropractor more then 2 times a week even in the beginning. We have a chiropractor here in my town who will diagnose your problem without even getting x rays or seeing you in the office, this is not someone you would want to see.
Anyways, try and take the oxy only when you need it. Get into a chiropractor. I am a fellow sufferer and I wish I had known the horrible risks of being on long acting opiates. Now I am having to withdrawal on my own and it's hell.

Oh also when the Dr changes your meds around you don't feel the relief because you are actually withdrawing off the previous opiate as well. Again something they don't explain besides stating it will take a few weeks. Lyrics did wonders for my nerve pain but it caused nasty headaches. It's not an opiate but the withdrawal is just as much hell when getting off as when getting off a real opiate.

Good luck and God Bless!

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