Mp 61 Rounded Oblong Pink Tablets Single Score

absorbaloff Says:

MP61 pink tablets, oblong, rounded: LORAZEPAM 2.5mg made by Metwest Pharmaceuticals.
Possibly the best lorazepam I ever had!

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Jools Says:

It's a strange one isn't it, as the same company makes the 1mg Lorazepam too and they are probably one of the worst I've experimented with. I'd buy the 2.5 mg in a heartbeat but avoid the white round 1mg ones.

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I had MP/61 pink 2.5 mg pills and I took my doses in a 5 hr period. I think they are Lorazepam. They are not really that euphoric, but 2 days later, and everything while I was on the medication is forgotten.

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