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Movantik and coffee

I was prescribed Movantik a week ago with the enclosed instructions suggesting that I take 1 tablet in the morning and eat nothing for an hour, which I've haven't done yet because I must have coffee immediately upon waking or otherwise remain nauseous until I do. My question is this: Can I take Movantik after drinking a cup of coffee with cream? Not knowing whether that's ok I've taken the med at bedtime instead for several days now, which A) causes cramps throughout the night + B) was not very effective, i.e. did not produce a BM after I woke up, but I suggesting to me that it likely works better while one is awake and more active after dosing. I'm reluctant to do so however, until I have this question answered. ## Without offering medical advice, all I can say is t...

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Hao effective % tage wise is MOVANTIK with the culprit of OIC? I have had a pain pump put in a year ago with 95% Morphine and 5% Marcaine. And oral medicines of morphine and NorcoT10-325 daily for pain breakthrough. I have had to use Milk of Magnesium for a year as well, due to OIC. It gets to be such a burden not to be able to be and feel normal again along with the weight that I need to gain in a bad way. SO BOTTOM LINE WHOM OUT THERE CAN TELL ME IF THIS STUFF WORKS? WHEN LINZESS CAME OUT I TRIED IT BUT WITH NO LUCK. DOES IT REALLY WORK? ## It works VERY well, but plan on staying home the first time you take it, because two or three times that day, you will have the largest bowel movements you could imagine, at least twice as large as the largest you have ever had before, and they wil...

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Suddenly taken off of Movantik

I have been suddenly taken off of movantik because my insurance no longer covers it. I took it for OIC, it worked very well. This past week I’ve had to go without it and and I have experienced bloating, anxiety, sweats. Also I can't go to the bathroom no matter what I take in its place. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Movantik and weight gain

Why am I gaining weight every day by taking Movantic (even if I eat just a little or nothing)? ## I have also gained about 10lbs since starting movantik.. ## Have been taking Movantik since 2016. I have gained 40 pounds and have become prediabetic even though I am on a strict diet ## Hello Connie, According to the National Institute of Health during their case study less than 1% of the patients who were given the pill showed symptoms of weight gain and thus they determined that this is not an adverse effect caused by the medicine. This does not mean that you are not being effected by the weight gain, it may simply means that it not common and that if proven to be the cause you would be among the very rare cases. If you are concerned that you are gaining weight despite doing your best to...

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Does Movantik work better then Linzess

Hello, I have been on Hysingla and Norco now for a few years due to chronic back pain and multiple medical issues. I had been on Linzess for 2 years and it worked at first but not any longer and I also have IBS. My Gastro doctor gave me a script today to start Movantik ( I can't take my Linzess for 2 days before I start these ) I would like to know what other people are experiencing on this drug, constipation has become a big problem for me and I really want these to work. I would appreciate any input from others on their experience with it, Thanks so much. ## Hello, Donna! How are you? Have you started taking it, yet? As with any medication, there are people it works great for, but some don't have great results with it. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly includi...

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Movantik and false positive for Naloxone/Suboxone

I am currently prescribed Belbuca 150 mcg/every 6 hrs. with Tramadol 50 mg. for break-through pain due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome/Chiari Malformation/Degenerative Disc Disease. My PCP does random urine screens (unannounced) periodically. Last February I had to stop the Butrans Patch due to severe skin blistering/chemical type burns caused by the patch medium, hence the change to Belbuca. I am also prescribed Movantik for OIC and take it as prescribed every morning. I am now showing "positive" for Naloxone/Suboxone on my urine screens and am being treated like I'm an addict -- even though the report from the lab states "patients taking Movantik (a pegylated derivative of naloxone) have been associated with positives on this test". I'm not taking any illicit drugs -...

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Movantik time of day to take?

I just picked up a RX for Movantik and am so ready to start it! I have been so constipated for months and bloated too. Is there a better time of day to take it? Morning or night? I read the post about how well it can work the first day or two but does this mean I should take before bed or in the morning? Thank you in advance for any advice! ## The FDA generally suggests it be taken in the morning. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including stomach pain, diarrhea, increased sweating, yawning, and irritability. Are you on any other medications? Have you started taking this one, yet?

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movantik and high blood pressure

My husband was on Linzess and it caused his blood pressure to go up and had a heart attack. Now the doctor has put him Monvantik and his blood has been going back up. It doesn't say that it causes high blood pressure online, but we are starting to wonder if this is the cause of his problem. Has anyone else had a problem with Monvantik? ## That is not a listed side effect, according to FDA reports, but there is never any way to know how any medication may affect any given person that takes it. Other users have reported similar occurrences, though. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and withdrawals (if someone is using opiates.) Is he on any other medications? What does his normal diet consist of? Does he eat a lot of salty...

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afraid took movantik with linzess very bloated help

I have multiple sclerosis and my doctor gave me movantik I took it for 3 days and it worked but I went into terrible withdrawal. It worked then it stopped working. another person told me to take it with linzess and I did not go. two nights ago I took miralax I went to the bathroom yesterday a few times however today I am so bloated i am afraid. please help ## Hello, Rifka! How are you? Linzess is known to cause bloating as a side effect as reported by the FDA, the Miralax can also cause it. It can also be a symptom of constipation, thus you've got several good reasons for why you may be bloated. However, if you're concerned, you should consult your doctor, they may be able to help you alleviate it and perhaps give you a more accurate idea as to its cause. Are you on any other me...

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Oval brown pill with mark nGL

What exactly is this pill for? Its supposed to be for constipation. Are there any meds it can't be taken with ? ## Hello, Kari! How are you? Does it also have a 25 on the other side? If so, this tablet is manufactured by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and they list it as being a 25mg Movantik tablet. It is used to treat opiate induced constipation. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly include diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and headache. Is there anything else I can help with?

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